Romero Russo
Oculus is one of the most unusual time travel stories I've ever read. Exploring history from the Renaissance through 2635, it blends theories of time, religion, and the importance of choice in a period piece looking at the end of the world through the eyes of people who can't possibly understand what they're seeing.
S.T. Ranscht and Robert P. Beus
A different sort of time travel story. Like if Henry DeTamble were from Gallifrey, but without a TARDIS. Clear message that life is what our choices make it. Strong imagery. Interesting, complex characters. Intriguing. Deserves more attention than it's gotten so far. I've pre-ordered one for my book shelf. Check it out.
S.T. Ranscht and Robert P. Beus
Touching and textured, Mr. Ibarra shares moments when the past, the present, and the future dance together swirling love and hope through them all.
S.T. Ranscht
A different kind of time travel story. Like if Henry DeTamble were from Gallifray, but without a TARDIS. Carefully constructed, Strong imagery. Interesting characters. Intriguing.
Romero Russo
If you saw visions of the end of the world, could you change it? What else would you be changing at the same time? Deep, rich storytelling,
Robert Wren
Check out the video for Ophelia, Doll and see if this book is right for you! I appreciate the support of readers and hope you'll enjoy the available preview chapters enough to consider pre-ordering! Thank you!
Alex Weston
This looks super cool! I'm getting a very Cloud Atlas-vibe.
Jennifer Webb
This book already has my interest! Looking forward to reading it, plus it supports worthy causes!
Matthew Isaac Sobin
Such a fun first chapter. Definitely a lot of potential here.
From a writer that I know to be fantastic and a book that I have faith in due to its new steps into imagination.