Carol D. Marsh's latest update for Nowhere Else I Want to Be: A Memoir

Apr 16, 2022

Dear Readers:

I hope you all are staying healthy and managing well in these trying times.

I realize this message is coming to you sort of out of the blue, because I haven’t emailed you in a couple of years. In case you need a reminder, you’re on this list because you ordered my memoir - Nowhere Else I Want to Be, published in 2017 - or followed me in Inkshares.

The reasons you’re getting it: (1) I want you to know about my publication coming out this summer, and

(2) I’m going to migrate this email list to a different platform soon.

ABOUT #1: My prose chapbook, "Border/Between: A Symphony in Essays," will publish on June 30, 2022, from Bamboo Dart Press. A prose chapbook is a short piece--typically 8,000-15,000 words (for comparison, a book’s word count is typically 45,000-100,000 words)--printed and bound as a small paperback.

I’ll tell you more about the chapbook in the first email from the new platform.

ABOUT #2: I don’t intend to publish with Inkshares again, so it no longer makes sense that my current list is housed here.

I’ll say this in the next email, and I’m saying it now: I’ll make it clear how you can unsubscribe from the new email list. You won’t have to stay on my list by default.

Thank you for your support of my memoir and my writing. I’ll connect with you soon.

Peace, Carol D. Marsh