Kyle James's latest update for Not Afraid of the Fall: 114 days through 38 cities in 15 countries.

Sep 12, 2016

Not Afraid of the Fall-ers,

I wanted to thank those of you that are patiently waiting to get your hands on this book!

There are a few updates:

First: Angela and the amazing marketing team at Inkshares has come up with an inspirational sub-title for the book:

Not Afraid of the Fall: A Travel Memoir for the Wanderlust Generation

Second: I am currently in the editing stage of trimming the copy. As it turns out, the 200 page Google doc manuscript that I submitted translated to a 700 page book...I am sure there are only five or six of you out there that would have read a 700 page book that didn’t have Harry Potter in the title.

I plan on re-submitting the trimmed manuscript by the end of the month and beginning the deeper editing process with my Inkshares family.

With love from Asheville,