Hey folks

By now, most (or all) of you should have received your copy (or copies) of Nomfiction. We hope you love the book as much as we do.

The first time we saw them in person was at AWP16 in Los Angeles at the beginning of April, where we the good fortune of selling a bunch and the even better fortune of meeting a few of the authors face to face.

For those of you who got in on the Prix Fixe offer and ordered more than one copy, your adventure isn’t over. Each of one you will get Nomfiction tote (or possibly poster or t-shirt) from Litographs, and we’re going to draw a few other prizes as well: custom recipe cards, a Nomfiction apron, and dinner in Toronto with the Little Fiction | Big Truths crew and some of our Nomfiction authors (travel and lodging not included). These prizes are subject to change, but rest assured that if they do, we’ll still get you something awesome.

Thank you again for helping us bring Nomfiction into print. We obviously couldn’t have done it without you.

If you’re so inclined, please take to Amazon and Goodreads and say something nice about the book. We, and all the authors, would love you even more for it.

And a couple of final notes…

If you ordered our music anthology, A Mixtape Of Words, it’s coming soon(ish). The book is still in production but is nearing completion. Stay tuned.

In the meantime (and if you haven’t already), please check out our third book here at Inkshares, a nonfiction tech anthology called Re/Coded. It’s a unique and varied look at the many different ways technology has helped / messed up our lives — with work by Ray Shea, Stacey May Fowles, Lindsay Gates-Markel, and many other fantastic writers. We think you’ll like it.

That’s us for now.

Happy reading,

your LF | BT crew

Hey food fans

It’s been a little while since we updated, but we’ve been doing plenty of work behind the scenes -- adding new essays for you to read (more on that below) and (most importantly) trying to inch us nearer to that so-close-yet-so-far pre-order goal. We still have a little ways to go and only a couple of weeks left, so if you haven’t ordered yet, now’s the time. And if you have, thank you thank you thank you as always.

Now, on to the essays. We’ve added several new pieces in the last little while, including:

“The Dinner Party” by David Burga

“How To Preserve Food For The Winter” by Robyn Ryle

“And The Spoon Ran Away With The Trash” by Tanya R. Ward

“Pomegranates” by Lauren Razavi

and of course more.

In other news…

Our music anthology has a new title -- we’re calling it A Mixtape of Words -- and a couple of new stories for you to check out: “B-Sides” by Beth Gilstrap (fiction) and “My Lolita Experiment” by Leesa Cross-Smith (nonfiction). While you’re giving those a read, maybe think about pre-ordering a copy or two (anyone who orders multiple copies is eligible to receive an actual mixtape featuring music inspired by the anthology). We're a little further away on this one, and could really use your help. It's going to be a fantastic collection featuring some seriously talented writers. 


Our nonfiction tech anthology (aka, Tech-ology) has a table of contents! You can read drafts of all the essays here and be sure to follow along for updates, including a release date and more. A big thanks to everyone who submitted essays for consideration.

And an even bigger thanks to you for following along and supporting us and projects.


Troy, and the LF | BT team

PS - don’t forget to hit up our site for all our latest stories and essays. They’re all super awesome and totally free.

Hey again foodie fans

Check out the fantastic Nomfiction totes and t-shirts created by the mighty Litographs. If you’re not familiar with them, what they do is they take the entire text of a novel (or in our case, a kick-ass food anthology) and turn into a stunning design, as you’ll see below. 

If you’ve pre-ordered (or are going to pre-order) the Prix Fixe option, you’ll get either one of these for free (oh, and there's also a poster). But if you prefer to pay for one, you can visit the link at the bottom to place an order. 

Buy from Litographs.



Hey again Nomfiction fans 

We’re almost one full month into our campaign (still two more to go) and after a great start, things have slowed down a bit. That seems pretty normal to us (initial excitement and all that) but we’re hoping to kick things back into high gear, starting with some newly added bonus items. 

Every single pre-order (aka, the “Main Course”) of the book now makes you eligible for a chance at a whole bunch of limited edition exclusives, including: 

• 1 of 50 sets of Nomfiction-inspired recipe cards (set of 8)

• 1 of 20 Big Truths tote bags (featuring this lovely design

• 1 of 20 signed Nomfiction posters 

• 1 of 5 custom-designed Nomfiction aprons 

And, if you pre-order more than 1 copy through the “Prixe Fix” option, you’ll get a tote (or poster or t-shirt) featuring the entire Nomfiction collection in a stunning visual format (courtesy of Litographs) and a chance to have dinner in Toronto with the editors and as many of our Nomfiction authors as we can get to join us. We’re only giving away one of these and we might even cook for you. (Travel and lodging not included. Sorry.) 

If you’ve pre-ordered either, you’re automatically entered. Because we’re fair like that. 

Also if you’ve already pre-ordered, we would really appreciate it if you kept spreading the word. We need to hit 1,000 pre-orders for everyone to get their copy (or copies). 

We’ll be updating a little more frequently from here on out (quite possibly with news of an event in Toronto), so apologies in advance if you get sick of hearing from us. We promise it will all be worth it. 

Thanks again for your awesome support, 

Troy + Amanda 

PS - we’ve posted a new essay from the collection. Check out “Discomfort Food” by Maggie Downs — a powerful a story about filling our stomachs when our hearts are empty.

Lf5x5 logo Little Fiction | Big Truths · Author · added almost 8 years ago
Hey Nomfiction fans

Thanks again for helping to get our funding off to a good start. 

We’ve been thinking of how we can throw some love back your way, and we have some ideas that we think you might like. 

For those who pre-order (or who have already pre-ordered) the MAIN COURSE option, you can win:

1 of 50 sets of custom-designed, Nomfiction-inspired recipe cards (set of 8)
1 of 20 Big Truths “the best stories break hearts” tote bags 
1 of 20 signed Nomfiction posters
1 of 5 exclusive, custom-made Nomfiction aprons

And for those who pre-order (or who have already pre-ordered) the PRIX FRIXE option, not only will you receive a Nomfiction Litograph (tote, poster, or shirt), you’ll also be eligible to win:

1 of 1 dinner in Toronto with the Little Fiction | Big Truths team and as many of our Nomfiction authors as we can get. We might even cook for you. (travel to Toronto and lodging not included). 

Thanks again. Please keep spreading the word to help get the book into print.

Troy + Amanda

Hey everyone

Thanks so much for backing our Nomfiction project and for following along. It's been a great first few days of the campaign and we hope you've had a chance to check out the two essays from the collection that we've shared — Deb Fleischman's "Arancini" and Vivek Shraya's "Feed The Birds."  

When we started putting the collection together, it was unanimous decision to lead things off with Deb's story. We saw it as everything we wanted the anthology to encompass: it crosses boarders and tempts us with new tastes and new smells, but it also deals pointedly with more serious, far-reaching issues like race relations and personal histories that are both challenging and humbling. Deb Fleischman is a fantastic writer (as you'll see evidence of here) who also runs a writing workshop for high school students in Vermont. 

Vivek Shraya is many things. A writer, a singer, a film maker. An artist. My first real introduction to Vivek was seeing him sing a Janet Jackson song, a cappella, at the book launch for Shawn Syms (another writer you should definitely be checking out). My first reaction was Damn, now that's what I like to see at a book launch. My second was Damn, and this guy can write, too? Now, after getting to be a part of his writing up close and personal, I have a whole new reaction: Damn, what can't this guy do? His story "Feed The Birds" is about the moldy consequences of not eating your school lunches. You've been warned.

We'll provide another update soon, with more stories and a first look at the exclusive Nomfiction Litographs design, included with the Prix Fixe option. 

Stay tuned, and thanks again.  

Troy + Amanda  

PS - don’t forget to check out our Music anthology and to send a submission in to our upcoming nonfiction Technology anthology.

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