Little Fiction | Big Truths's latest update for NOMFICTION

Jun 29, 2015

Hey again Nomfiction fans 

We’re almost one full month into our campaign (still two more to go) and after a great start, things have slowed down a bit. That seems pretty normal to us (initial excitement and all that) but we’re hoping to kick things back into high gear, starting with some newly added bonus items. 

Every single pre-order (aka, the “Main Course”) of the book now makes you eligible for a chance at a whole bunch of limited edition exclusives, including: 

• 1 of 50 sets of Nomfiction-inspired recipe cards (set of 8)

• 1 of 20 Big Truths tote bags (featuring this lovely design

• 1 of 20 signed Nomfiction posters 

• 1 of 5 custom-designed Nomfiction aprons 

And, if you pre-order more than 1 copy through the “Prixe Fix” option, you’ll get a tote (or poster or t-shirt) featuring the entire Nomfiction collection in a stunning visual format (courtesy of Litographs) and a chance to have dinner in Toronto with the editors and as many of our Nomfiction authors as we can get to join us. We’re only giving away one of these and we might even cook for you. (Travel and lodging not included. Sorry.) 

If you’ve pre-ordered either, you’re automatically entered. Because we’re fair like that. 

Also if you’ve already pre-ordered, we would really appreciate it if you kept spreading the word. We need to hit 1,000 pre-orders for everyone to get their copy (or copies). 

We’ll be updating a little more frequently from here on out (quite possibly with news of an event in Toronto), so apologies in advance if you get sick of hearing from us. We promise it will all be worth it. 

Thanks again for your awesome support, 

Troy + Amanda 

PS - we’ve posted a new essay from the collection. Check out “Discomfort Food” by Maggie Downs — a powerful a story about filling our stomachs when our hearts are empty.