K M Cooper's latest update for Mushroom and Anchovy

Jul 1, 2019

Greetings, adventurers!

Happy #MushAnch Monday!

How was your June? Mine was filed with very extreme highs and very extreme lows. In some ways, it was a good month, but in others, I’m very glad to be leaving it behind. 
I’m starting work on my next novel as we speak—slowly getting the general plans fleshed and hashed out and gathering ideas. I seem to have been hit with a sudden bombardment of ideas and I’m trying to gather them all in different piles—as it stands, I have 4 stories I want to write, and… no overarching plots for any of them. Sigh.

Twitch continues to go well for me—in fact, just today I was made the Streamer of the Week by my stream team, Bone-In! I’m putting up monthly recipes on my YouTube channel as well. There are no updates on the book at the moment, but there’s definitely a lot going on creatively for me, and a lot of free content you can enjoy, too! 

May your adventures be fraught with wonder and just enough peril to keep them interesting, 
K. M. Cooper