K M Cooper's latest update for Mushroom and Anchovy

Sep 2, 2019

Greetings, adventurers!

Happy #MushAnch Monday!

I have to take a moment to apologize! I was on vacation and was all over the place last month, and I made a personal decision not to bring my laptop with me when visiting family, so, when 2 weeks went by and I realized I hadn’t updated you, I thought that waiting until September instead would be a better idea. I’ve also been experiencing some extreme exhaustion, meaning that several things fell to the wayside during August. Unfortunately, this update was one of those things.

The last two months were really hectic and, in a lot of ways, not really great months. The good news is, though, that I’ve come out the other side with an exciting announcement: my husband and I are looking forward to welcoming our newest addition to the family in March 2020. We’re all very excited, and our daughter is thrilled about being a big sister. You may have heard this news already if you follow me on YouTube or Twitch, but if not, well, surprise! Here’s a little video of the reveal, by the way—I was very excited to announce in this way!

I don’t have any book news for you at the moment—which likely isn’t a huge surprise, as I wasn’t too concerned about accidentally skipping last month’s update. I do have a few other projects that I’ve been silently working on in the background, including plans for a new novel. I’m continuing to post up my weekly webcomic, Retail Hell, and my online cooking show on Twitch has been going exceedingly well. Cooking videos were something else I took a break from in August but I’m hoping to get back to them soon.

Thanks for your patience while I get myself re-oriented!

May your adventures be fraught with wonder and just enough peril to keep them interesting,
K. M. Cooper