Author Melinda Jasmine Crouchley's latest update for Metal Heart

Dec 3, 2015

Still waiting for that sweet Copyright relief - which gives me a lot more time to feel anxious about the actual book content. I am in desperate need of more feedback before sending it out to the general public. Feedback before it sees an editor, even. 

My book-to-film-adaptation club is getting a special holiday gift ADVANCE COPIES OF "Metal Heart." They are all going to read it (or at least SOME of it) and we're doing a round table in early 2016. Excited but also instantly nervous to see how that will turn out. 

Not sure if "Metal Heart" is going to hit even the 250 Inkshares mark, so still looking at a Kickstarter because pretty rad merchandise has already been brainstormed and drafted.

Speaking of drafts - "Tin Road" is at the 72,000 word mark and MAYBE 2/3s completed. I'm so close to hitting a major beat but a nasty head cold and starting a new jobby-job this month (plus hosting two Thanksgivings and raising a toddler) kinda wrecked my Nanowrimo goals for this year. November is actually one of the worst times of the year to devote any significant time to writing.

I'll let you know if there's anymore news fit to print. Happy Reading!!