Kane W. Holder's latest update for Maxine Starr: Last Vanguard of the Zodiac

Jan 15, 2018

Hi Readers,

Thank you so much supporting my novel Maxine Starr: Last Vanguard of the Zodiac. I appreciate everyone that liked, shared, and especially those that preordered a copy - some even bought the expensive paperbacks. Really - it meant the world to me that you followed and read my work. Although we didn’t reach our goal of 250/750 preorders, and the campaign is now over, I’m actually very happy with the response. You’ve inspired me.

I believe life is all about taking hits, learning and getting back up. So this isn’t the end of the book but rather a minor detour. I still believe in Maxine Starr’s adventures, and your support means that I’ll work on the book even harder to make it even better. 

And don’t worry - for anyone that knows me, I’m not easily discouraged :) I’m actually excited to get moving again on the novel, and more books in the Maxine Starr series (yes, I have 3 more planned)

Right now, I’m considering other traditional, e-book, and self-published formats. I also have some other plans in the works. Just wanted to let you know that once it’s done, I’ll be offering buyers a reduced price for your early support. THANK YOU!  The book will be released - that’s my promise. For now, your money will be returned to you in a few days. 

I’ll be keeping this site up for a while longer. Feel free to give me feedback, ask questions or even contribute ideas. 

Do you have an idea for a book?

Would you like the read the whole of Maxine Starr and give feedback?

Want an insight into the process of the writing, story and character designs? 

Is there any way I can help you achieve your dream too?

I’m all for creating communities, and although this one is small, I appreciate all of your input. So thank you! This is not the end of Maxine Starr, the Zodiac Universe, or even her dog, Woof. I believe our dreams, like the cosmos itself, has no visible boundaries. And more importantly, you can’t let a single failure distract you from a coming triumph. Because, as Maxine discovers in the book, the impossible is often just one move away.

Thank you for believing in Maxine Starr.


Kane W.Holder