Jason Pomerance's latest update for Love, Derric: My Journey From Laboratory Experiment to Freagle (who eats burritos at the beach)

Mar 22, 2017

Hello loyal Derric followers! Arrrooooooo, as the beagles would say! I know, I know...you’ve probably been wondering what’s up with the book, because things have been a bit quiet, and with beagles that’s always suspect...they’re usually getting into some sort of trouble.

Well, the truth is it’s me -- dad’s -- bad. I launched this campaign in the middle of finishing up a second novel -- a follow up to WOMEN LIKE US -- and it took way more of my time and attention than I figured it would to get it ready to get it shopped around. (Side note: if you don’t have a copy of WOMEN LIKE US, why not order one?  10% of all royalties still go the Beagle Freedom). Anyway, now that the bulk of work on the second novel is out of the way, I can focus back on helping Derric get his story out. To that end, the kind folks at Inkshares have extended the campaign for the book, which gives me and the beagle more time to work. 

So...couple of things to announce soon -- first and foremost news on a chapter that will be about The Beagle Freedom Project itself, so thank you everybody for your kind patience and please stay tuned for more!! 

Love, Derric (and, of course, me Jason!)