Sian Smyth, Director of Dalkey Book Festival
This is a moving tale from a new and exciting writer. Caroline Reber is an old-fashioned story teller, drawing you in little by little. Utterly gripping.

Joshua Griffith
This is a story that i couldn't pass up. It's an emotional tale and truly strikes a chord with me in many ways. I want to read more even though I know I will need to keep some tissue nearby. I can see this one as a sad but inspirational story that I highly recommend others to buy and get a good understanding of what a person can go through when an illness comes into your life.
Jason Pomerance
Intrigued and can't wait to read more.
Stephen Carignan
I really like the idea of this book, as I watched my mom go through something similar, albeit they mentioned an 'abnormality' in her blood work. Having work like this is the world can help people understand more about what their friends and loved ones are going through. The fact the work is well written certainly helps! I look forward to reading more.               
Kacie Davis Idol
Seriously LOVING what I've read so far. My kind of book! Proceeds going to cancer research. Check it out
Felix M
What a delight
Joshua Griffith
I fell in love with this one instantly. It worth checking out and it is a great cause that deserves to be read by many people. I hope this one can get beyond the 750 mark! all i can say is thanks for sharing this emotional story
Billy O’Keefe
Brave storytelling that will benefit a great cause.