André Brun's latest update for Lies and Deception

Mar 31, 2016


I am sooooooo excited about this update.

1st : I just got interviewed by a local Newspaper.

 that’s right, Lies and Deception will have an article in a Montreal newspaper, discussing the development of the book and the crowdfunding experience  with Inkshares.

2nd : I see new faces following Lies and Deception.

Welcome to all new followers , thank you for your interest for Lies and Deception. If you haven’t ordered the book yet ,do not hesitate this will be a hell of a story and you will not be disappointed.

3rd : Chapter 4 will be uploaded tonight.

Yes a brand new chapter will be online. I a sure this chapter will give you a better idea the direction the book is taking.

more update to come in the next days, I will also post my Newspaper interview link on my book page.

thank you for your support :)