André Brun's latest update for Lies and Deception

Apr 15, 2016

There’s a project that’s nearing its funding goal that I’d like to bring your attention to. It still needs a little over 180 pre-orders to get full funding on Inkshares. I think it’s worth your attention and I hope you’ll agree. Check it out:




A God in the Shed by J-F Dubeau is a Fantasy/Horror story set in the forgettably small village of St-Ferdinand, in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. The villagers have been hiding terrible secret for generations, but when their mysterious captive escapes but gets inadvertently trapped in the McKenzy’s backyard shed, it’s up to the Venus and her friends to figure out how to dispose of this terrible and malevolent burden; an Old God of hate and death.


You can find out more about this dark and beautiful, read sample chapters, reviews and pre-order you copy of A God in the Shed by visiting:


You can listen to the prologue as read by Ageless author Paul Inman here:


Need more incentive?

•Each pre-order enters you into the ‘I want to kill a reader’ raffle. The winner will have his name and likeness used in the book as a minor character that gets killed off. The author will work with the winner to find the appropriate means of demise to satisfy both the winner and the story.

•Each physical copy of A God in the Shed will be signed and numbered as an exclusive first edition item.

•Free, exclusive A God in the Shed bookmarks will be included with the physical copies and mailed to eBook supporters.

•Orders of three or more copies guarantees your name to appear in the Patrons list printed at the end of the book.

•You get to enjoy the satisfaction and pride at having supported both art and literature.



A God in the Shed is the first part of a trilogy that pushes the line between beauty and horror by telling a story that changes how we look at magic and the world around us. You have a chance of being part of making this book a reality and supporting a new author on his journey.


However, time is running out! The campaign ends April 22nd. Don’t miss out and order today!