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An uncharted world that seems to eat explorers for dinner? I’m dying to know what’s really out there and can’t wait for Paul Robinson to show us.
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Love the cover! :)


So the List ends tomorrow. I had hoped to have 2 chapters up by then, but I hadn’t counted on:

  • Underestimating how much free time I’d have over Christmas
  • having a 4 day (and counting) heatwave that would just zap all energy and motivation
  • being as sad as I have been (RIP Carrie...and Debbie...and...damn it 2016...)
  • forgetting how long I can take to write things sometimes....

Y’know...best laid plans and all that, but it’s not all bad news!


  • I wrote just over 4,000 words in the last week and a bit, which is...a lot for me lately.
  • The rest of Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 (it’s called: ’The Witness") are still coming shortly.
  • I’m still up for judging (as unlikely as a win there may seem)
  • and LandFall has had its first preorders! The first on the long road to publication.

Things will likely quiet down for a bit after New Years, though I’ll be sure to do an update once the results of the List are known, and I’ll do my best to update the page regularly.

Keep an eye on that horizon.

and onwards to 2017...


Hi There.

I have good news. A couple of bits in fact.

1. LandFall will be back in the List for 2016. I know it still says ’Launchpad’ up there, but that should get fixed in the next few days. Now I think we all know I’m not going to place, at 0 readers, it’d be a bit hard. But there’s still the judges picks (of which there now appear to be 4), so it’s not all lost just yet (It’s just a really, really slim possibility). But also know, that the List is not the end of LandFall, there’s a reason this is an 18 month campaign, I’m in it for the long haul. The List is just an added bonus.

2. If you check the project page for LandFall you’ll find some actual, honest-to-goodness content. It’s just the first half (or so) of the first chapter at the moment, but more will be coming in the run up to the end of the List. Ideally I’ll have 2 full chapters up by then, which will give the bulk of the setup for LandFall.

Here’s a direct link to the chapter: CLICK ME

So now that the List troubles have been sorted out, and there’s some content up, I finally feel comfortable officially asking you all to take a look at the project, to consider pre-ordering a copy and to share it around to anyone you think might be interested in it. 

(Also, I’m not a monster, I do realise it’s only a few days till Christmas. So there’s no pressure to order right now, I’ll be here for a good long while.)

Keep an eye on that horizon.

A quick note: I still don’t know what’s going on with LandFall and it’s participation in the list. I’m now pretty confident I know what’s happened, but it’s now been 11 days since I last heard from Inkshares and they have not yet offered any ’official’ details on what’s happened.

I’ll try reaching out again this week with my thoughts and see where that goes.

Keep an eye on that horizon.

This is just a quick heads up about the status of LandFall.

During the week LandFall was moved out of ’The List’ and placed over in the LaunchPad contest. This is an error. I’m hoping it’ll be resolved soon.

I’ve done some looking and I think I have a pretty good idea as to what’s happened, but until I know for sure, I can’t say what the outcome of that resolution will be. For now though, I’ve put a hold on working on the story until I know what’s happening.

I wanted to be transparent about the situation and will continue to be so going forward. Stay tuned, when I know, you’ll know.

Keep an eye on that horizon.

So I have some news.

LandFall has been nominated for ’The 2016 List’, which is Inkshares’ new (and inaugural) end-of-year contest to highlight ’the top-voted projects that haven’t reached full Inkshares.’ What that means is that, should I enter (which I probably will), I’ll be starting a funding campaign up for that in the coming days.

What it also means, is that I have to do a lot of work fairly quickly. 

I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t expecting this, like, at all. The original plan for this was to start a campaign around June next year and to have a pretty big chunk of the book written before I even started. But this is an excellent opportunity to secure full funding for the book, something it needs to satisfy the vision in my mind. And it’ll be a long campaign, reaching well past the contest and into my originally intended timeframe to give it the right attention.

When the announcement came this morning I had maybe 5% of the story outlined thoroughly, and another 10% vaguely bullet-pointed. LandFall’s page had a 10 line description. 
I didn’t have much. 
I had a general idea of where it started and where I wanted it to end, but nothing in the middle. At the same time though, it was obviously enough to garner some attention. 
But I need more. Clearly.

So, this afternoon I sat down, fired up ’Hamilton,’ and churned out a little over 1000 words of notes and scribbles that seem to have come together to be at least 3/5’s of a story. And it’s one I think I kinda like. It’s still all pretty general, and there are holes...chasms even...but things are a lot further along than they were yesterday.

Any progress is good progress.

Over the next couple of days, a campaign will likely launch, and it might be a bit bare in here for a little while, but I’m hoping to have that first chapter written this week. Or a version of it at least.

Keep an eye on that horizon.

You never know what you might see.
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Can’t wait for your draft to begin... drafting! Love the cover, very simple and clean, and love the idea for this story. 
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Intriguing! Looking forward to reading as more becomes available.

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@Rebekka Leber that’s actually a great question since I only just realised I’d never specified it...lol. LandFall is a fantasy story in the vein of Game of Thrones, so the level of technology would be fairly medieval.. Details on the world are still pretty sparse at this early stage, but I’m hoping to start work on this book later in 2016.