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Amanda Crystallen

Colorful human. Aspiring weirdo. They used to call me "Fairy Girl" like it was a bad thing.
Amanda is the author of
For Anna, dreams are just as real as daily life. What happens when her worst nightmares break into the waking world?
The dream world’s magical infrastructure is failing. The Father of Nightmares is gone, but his phantasms remain. A teenage dreamer must navigate both to find her missing dad before their secret world falls apart – and takes him with it.
Christopher Moore meets James Howe in this subverted kids’ book about a dog who learns necromancy.
Books Amanda Recommends
Gripping opening - the first chapters plunge the reader straight into the action. Flawless prose and fierce characters begin to give shape to the author's rich universe even this early in the story. Can't wait to read more!
An embittered troll hunter is forced to help his mortal enemies defeat an ancient demon threatening their very existence.
The authors have brought to life an equally sympathetic protagonist and antagonist. How will their wills collide, and can blood and family overcome the difference in their desires?
Knights, zombies, witches...  and a father’s quest to reconnect with his long-lost daughter.
Prose so smooth it goes down like top shelf whiskey. The setting and characters are so clear without any rambling descriptions - just a few, well-placed details bring them to life. I meant to start cooking dinner 20 minutes ago, but now I'm on chapter 3.
A gripping mystery with supernatural twists, Sparked hauntingly portrays the complex relationship between sisters and the lengths that one will go to save the other.
Books Amanda recently read
by Brandon Sanderson
by Charlie Jane Anders
by Octavia E. Butler
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