S.T. Ranscht
Ancient humans discover portals -- tears in reality -- exposing another... place? world? universe? I'm intrigued already and I'm following the iguanas!
S.T. Ranscht, Co-Author of ENHANCED
All that's up is Chapter 1, but Steve Soldwedel's writing is so concisely descriptive, I'm there, following the iguanas through one of the mysterious portals that have appeared on ancient earth. Where are we? Who knows?Steve Soldwedel knows.Please. Read Chapter 1 of Lambda Scorpii, and pre-order a copy or three. Let's get this into the Geek & Sundry Fantasy Contest winner's circle where it belongs.
Chrissy Cook
Feels a bit more like a prologue than a first chapter at this point, but an interesting premise nonetheless! As I'm reading it, I can almost hear David Attenborough or Morgan Freeman doing narration in my head, documentary-style, as I watch time speed through and then grind to a snail pace as the portals appear. There is definitely some set-up for conflict and tension, which is good, and also makes sense given that this is a form of prequel. Now that the world is set up, I look forward to meeting some individuals to populate it!
Fiza Hasan
I can't believe narrations can be so intriguing!