Daniel Landon Brown
So far it's only the prologue and first chapter, but this is the sort of thing I love -- time travel, sass, and disdain for authority. :)
[Draft Review] Lady Timekeeper has potential to be a really good story, whether you're into time-travel or not, the moments are humorous enough without being overbearing. But with every time traveling adventure there's bound to be some holes. Interested to see how they get resolved and explained in the story itself. Looking forward to reading more.
Robyn McArthur
I'm so excited to see where this goes!
Stephen Carignan
The worlds of Lady Timekeeper come to life with an expert hand and this allows the reader to follow along and be fully within the story. The twists and turns of nostalgic moments to the distance future create a unique tone which will delight. I particularly enjoyed the imagery employed to describe the distant times which have yet to be. I look forward to reading more.
Alyssa Hogan
Felicity is a character you want to hang out with- see her world.
Christopher Lee
This one diveshead first into action, and with dialogue like, “You will feel my wrath, Atari Wench.” I am going to be sticking around to watch this draft grow.
Bryn Hagan
Great start, I'd almost describe it as fun, as there feels like an undercurrent of humour in the midst of the action. 
Joseph Asphahani
Co-authors Marie Green and MK McFadden know how boring good vs. evil and right vs. wrong stories can be. The first two chapters of their book Lady Timekeeper: Cities in the Dust is a clear indicator that only strong characters with ironclad convictions can set up a thrilling right vs. right conflict that engages readers from beginning to end.
Joseph Asphahani
Follow this book! I think the authors are up to something creative and fresh with its take on time-travel.
Ashley Brandt
The premise of this book is unlike any other science fiction novel I've read as of late. Keep your eyes open for this one!