Scott Thomas's latest update for Kill Creek

Aug 8, 2017

Hello all,

You probably forgot you were beloved supporters of my horror novel, KILL CREEK, didn’t ya?  Well to say that things have been crazy this summer would be a massive understatement, but I’m happy to tell you that rewrites of KILL CREEK have gone well, and the book is now with an incredibly talented and much appreciated copy editor.  There will still be tweaks to make and last minute notes to address, but KILL CREEK is still on schedule to hit bookstores, on-line vendors and your hands/tablets at the end of this October!

I can’t truly express how excited I am to get this mutha out into the world.  It’s changed quite a bit since I uploaded the first 50 pages to Inkshares last year, but it’s all in the name of strengthening character and plot to give you the absolute best horror novel possible.

Expect more updates as we hit the last few milestones!


Scott Thomas