Scott Thomas's latest update for Kill Creek

Jan 4, 2017

Greetings from Kill Creek!

Today I hit 75% of my pre-order goal!  

Thanks so much to everyone who has pre-ordered and/or helped spread the word.  I truly appreciate it.  I have 20 more days to reach 250, and with the holidays behind us, I plan to kick the campaign into high gear and do everything I can to cross that finish line (sports!).

I also added a new excerpt from the novel, a brisk 6-minute read about a simple handyman who gets a little taste of what lies beyond the threshold of the house on Kill Creek.  If you didn’t receive it earlier today, you can read it here: 

We’re SO CLOSE to unleashing Kill Creek’s evil on the world!  With your help and a few more backers, we’ll make sure this unholy house is never forgotten!