Scott Thomas's latest update for Kill Creek

Jan 18, 2017

Followers of Kill Creek!

I’ve reached 90% of my light-publishing goal!  Only 25 more pre-orders to go.  But there’s also only 6 days left in the campaign!!!  If you haven’t ordered yet, please consider doing so now.  I could really use your help.  And to those who have ordered and/or helped spread the word, I wouldn’t be this close without YOU.  Thank you for supporting my dream.  

Or, should I say, nightmare...

See, I probably should have warned you.  Indulging the spirits that reside in the house on Kill Creek is to invite them into your life.  It doesn’t matter if you leave the house in your rearview mirror or close the book and set it on your nightstand.  Whatever this thing is that walks the dark, dusty halls of the Finch House, it knows you now.  It needs you.  That odd scratching sound you hear in the dark could just be your cat’s claws as it creeps across the hardwood floor.  But you’d be wise not to look.  Just close your eyes.  Do not peer over the edge of your bed.  Because it isn’t your cat (you don’t even have a cat, what were you thinking?!).  It’s that...thing from Kill Creek.  And it wants you to go back...

Good luck sleeping.

Scott Thomas