Greetings Journey Fans!

We are supporting our friend @JeynaGrace in the ongoing Geek & Sundry Fantasy contest. Her entry, The Slave Prince is doing exceedingly well and is currently tied for second place!

Mykl and I have donated 3 signed, low numbered. 1st edition, collectors copies of Journey, A Short Story in a promotion that Jeyna is running.

Here is a link to that announcement. Please consider supporting Jeyna with a pre-order of TSP!


Kind regards,

Richard Saunders

Did I ever tell you great peoples how much I appreciate your support!!!!

I believe I did, but I can’t repeat it enough, or say it loud enough!!!

This ride keeps getting better and better and I could NOT have even gotten on it and moved one inch if not for my early Inkshares supporters who pre-ordered the book when it was nothing more than an idea, a hope, a dream and a promise that I didn’t know if I could keep! 

You took a chance on me with your hard earned dollars and I will forever be grateful and will NEVER let you forget it! If you joined up later on, I appreciate you folks too! 

I still need ALL of you to help keep this train moving and on track! We are a long way from the final destination and have a big Hill Climb is in front of us!

All kinds of cool stuff going on. We are on the verge of breaking the 1,000 copies sold or ordered barrier! Currently 982 books have been ordered and left the warehouse.
Let’s get that number to over 1,000 soon!

I have two appearances this month at Barnes & Noble stores! On June 18 at 12 noon EDT, I will be at the Salem, NH store and on June 26, I’ll be signing copies at the Nashua, NH location! Getting booked at Barnes & Noble stores is hard to do and it is a huge accomplishment for any author to get that level of recognition. Only a very small % of writers are granted these opportunities and I am so Grateful and humbled to be trusted with such close access to their customers. If you are in the area, stop by and say hello! Even if you already have a copy of my book.

Cool Contest Announcement! Guess my weight and win prizes! FREE to enter!

On Monday, June 6, I will start a "crash-diet." I will post a video diary every Monday on my FB Author page where I will weigh in.

Every week people can post guesses on what my weight be. The top Three closest guesses will win! If LOTS of people enter the contest, the value and number of prizes will increase!

So please participate and tell your friends and frienemies!

Here is the link to the contest: (click it or copy and paste it into your browser!


Hope to see you on Facebook!

p.s. still need reviews on Amazon!!!!

Greetings fellow Inksharians!

Something extraordinary happened this week that relates to my book!

 Way back in 1994, I targeted the very popular Governor of Massachusetts (William Weld) in one of my "method-writing" sting operations. That story is prominently featured in my book. 

Mr. Weld has been largely out of the public spotlight for two decades, until a few days ago, when seemingly out of nowhere, he generated national headlines and is sure to continue to be in the news at least until November.  

It is an INCREDIBLE coincidence that TWO of the major targets I conducted "method-writing" sting operations against (and featured in my book, SecretAgentMan) are now running for the Top Two political offices in the United States of America!


Read all about it on www.sam2.org

Here is a letter I sent to the big-wigs at Inkshares on Thursday.

Greetings Inkshares Team!

Re: Trump & Weld

Today the Libertarian Party will announce that former Massachusetts Governor William Weld has accepted the Vice President slot on Gary Johnson’s ticket. Their nominating convention will be held on Memorial Day.

It is an incredible coincidence that TWO of my prominent "method-writing" targets are running for the highest offices in the nation at the same time, and that this happened shortly after the release of my book!

I have engaged in Real-Life epic battles (sting operations) with BOTH of these high profile individuals (Donald Trump & Bill Weld). Those stories are contained in my Inkshares novel. Other than changing the names to Daniel Trask and William Wilde, these stories are 100% true and I have proof to back up the claims.

Given that the presumptive nominees of both major parties have very high negative ratings, a third party challenge will receive more press than usual this year.Many GOP big wigs have been talking about finding a third party candidate themselves, but the fact is that ONLY the Libertarian Party is set up and qualified to be on the ballot in all fifty states.

There is not enough time for any other prominent  third party challenge to materialize.  

A large portion of the electorate finds both Clinton and Trump to be unacceptable, so it is natural that the Libertarians will get more attention this time than they normally do. Add this to all of the other documented real-life connections (Dan Brown, Columbine Memorial etc.) in my book and it is easy to see that Journey / SecretAgentMan has lots of potential to break out if given the right publicity pitch and push.

Book buyers don’t want to hear an author hype his book - (and most authors, including myself, don’t want to). Credibility only comes from others (real influencers) recognizing the potential and publicizing it, creating word of mouth viral exposure.I was counting on Inkshares to be the conduit for this. It could still happen.

Kind regards,

Richard Saunders

Supporter call to action! Please help me get this story OUT THERE! Tweet it, FB it, instagram it, email it or whatever you can do it! MANY THANKS!

And If you haven’t already, please read the book and leave and a review on Amazon!!!!!
Two big notes this week.

1. Journey received a nice write up in The Portsmouth Review (Click Here)

2. I have an author appearance at Barnes & Noble in Burlington, Massachusetts tomorrow [Saturday March 12] from noon to 3 PM. Stop by and say hello if you are in the area.

I need 100 reviews on Amazon.com. Making slow progress toward that goal. Help!  

Just takes a couple minutes to click on the Stars and say a few words such as "Best book ever!" or "Totally boring!"  (Click Here for Journey’s Amazon page)

Amazon promotes books that receive a decent amount of good reviews. Those reviews are the Key to a new author getting noticed. I can’t emphasize enough how important this is.

Have a great weekend!

Update on this week’s events / news

Here’s the link to my Feb 3rd radio interview on a big 50,000 watt radio station in Cincinnati, Ohio hosted by Bill Cunningham

Click Here

Next link is to a feature story in the February edition of Methuen Life magazine.

Click Here

For all radio show links Click Here


Broken record section below!

Still looking for more supporters to step up, so if you are ready to review Journey, here are the important links - (If you have reviewed it and liked it, please consider lending your copy to a friend and ask them to review it)

Read this document after you have read the book and Before you review it on Amazon & Goodreads - it shows some of the real-life connections to the book and contains good examples of my Method-Writing technique, which is the real selling feature that distinguishes this book for ALL others.



Please consider sharing this update on Inkshares and on your social media feeds!

On Twitter I’m @RFSaunders


My FB account is https://www.facebook.com/RichFSaunders

Thanks again for all of your support! This book promotion thing is tough business! Even tougher because gaining a little media attention doesn’t always turn into increased book sales. It takes a LOT of attention, but even more important is Word of Mouth recommendations and reviews! We gain followers one person at a time, so if you get just One person turned on to this project this week, that is HUGE!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Kind regards,

Rich Saunders


On Wednesday, I did a 30  minute interview with Mary Jane Popp on KAHI in Sacramento, California. You can listen to it by clicking here:


Next week, I scored a booking at WLW-AM 700 (50,000 watts) - with Bill Cunningham - Cincinnati, OH

This station has one of the strongest radio signals in the United States and my  interviewer is the recipient of the 2001 and 2009 Marconi Award as America's Big Market Radio Personality of the Year.

I'm still looking for more supporters to step up, so if you are ready to review Journey, here are the important links - 

http://www.secretagentman.org/PR.pdf Read this document after you have read the book and Before you review it on Amazon & Goodreads.



Please consider sharing this update on Inkshares and on your social media feeds!

On Twitter I'm @RFSaunders


My FB account is https://www.facebook.com/RichFSaunders

Have a great weekend everyone!

Kind regards,

Rich Saunders

Weekly update.

Did another talk-radio interview at a South Dakota station (KORN/KQRN) on Thursday.

But the biggest news of the week was my return visit to the Barnes & Noble in Salem, NH.

A week before Christmas I did a book signing event at this store and the managers told me that it was the most successful author appearance there for all of 2015. At that time my book was set up on a table at the front of the store - so a few days ago I went back to see where Journey had been placed on the shelves for the longer term.

As we all know, the vast majority of books are displayed so that you can only see the spine of the book, so the chances that any individual book will stand out from the rest is minimized.

You can imagine how psyched I was to see that Journey was one of the few to recieve the highly coveted "face-out" status!

That alone is pretty exciting, but in addition to that, by pure coincidence my book just happens to be displayed next to the current best-selling title in the sci-fi / fantasy section!

This happened because books in each genre are shelved in alphabetical order by author last name. So the decision to give my friend Mykl Walsh the cover credit led to an unexpected major benefit. Volume I of my serialized novel, SecretAgentMan is "hidden" inside the short story Journey and there is no mention on the cover that my work is what most of this book actually contains.

If you are ready to review Journey, here are the important links - 

http://www.secretagentman.org/PR.pdf (read this document after you have read the book and Before you review it)



If you've figured out how cool and ridiculously complex this story is yet, feel free to share it here on Inkshares and on your social media feeds!

On Twitter I'm @RFSaunders


My FB account is https://www.facebook.com/RichFSaunders

Have a great weekend everyone!

Kind regards,

Rich Saunders

Greetings Earthings!

Here is your Journey weekly update.

I have a new web page where you can follow my National Talk-Radio Show Tour. Click Here and bookmark it if you like that idea.

It looks like some of you have actually finished reading the book and have Finally started to post some awesome reviews! Yay! And Thank You! And Thank You again!

For those who are dying to help out and are ready to post your own reviews, here are the links! 

For Amazon, click Here.

For Goodreads , click Here.

The more reviews we can get the better we will be able to market the book. So here's a suggestion one of my supporters came up with last week.

Give your copy of Journey to a friend (or your sister) - tell them how awesome it is (if that is what you believe) - especially the "method-writing" aspect and "The Great Impostor" aspect that the radio stations are excited enough about to want me on their shows! 

Tell them about the National Radio Talk-Show Tour and how this book is expected to eventually EXPLODE in the media. (It is simmering right now and will come to a full boil during this presidential election year)

Tell them they can be in on it (with the cool crowd) before everyone else discovers it and the amazing real-life story Behind its creation!

Then ask them to consider posting a review on Amazon and Goodreads. Of course this pre-supposes that YOU have already done this!

Then they can pass the book along to another friend (or your mother) and so on.

So let's get moving on that  ~ or just ignore it all and have a GREAT weekend either way!

Thanks much!

Rich Saunders

Weekly update.

Greetings Journey Supporters! (especially the pre-publication founding members - you guys and gals are the best!)

For those of you who got on this ride early, your support and enthusiasm has brought us to where we are today (along with all you fine folks who are new to the project!)

This may be the relative calm before the storm and you can all feel the thrill of being an insider before this became a phenomenon (if it does reach the lofty heights for which it was designed.)

The latest reason for me to dare start believing that my book will become successful is that my national talk-radio show tour is picking up some serious steam. There are no shortcuts for a new writer (like myself) who is completely unknown, has no large social-media following or famous backers.

A small start-up publisher is not going to be able to get you on the Charlie Rose show. Once your book is out, it's mostly up to you to get attention and build a readership. To succeed (as an author) in talk radio, things usually need to happen in a certain sequence:

#1 - You need to have a topic of genuine interest and you need to have a unique take on the topic.

#2. If you pass that first test, One program manager (somewhere) needs to believe that your presentation is worthy of being put before that radio station's audience even though you have Zero experience on radio. (That person for me was Glenn Klein!) Getting that very first gig is a Big deal and the odds are long. Most program managers will throw your pitch in the trash if they see you have no experience and have not done Any radio or TV interviews.

#3. You most likely will start out at 1,000 watt stations, getting your feet wet and gaining experience in this unique media format. Your second appearance is almost as hard to get as the first, but at least you have something on your talk-radio resume.

#4 If you make it through those first three steps, and you have a few shows on your resume, then other program managers will give your pitch a brief 15 second glance - if they like that, they might listen to a few minutes of one of your previous interviews. You'd better hope they like what they hear.

#5 If you are still in the game at this point, you have a chance to move up to 5,000 watt stations, then 10,000 and 25,000. At each level, the stakes are higher and the scrutiny is increased.

#6 The ultimate place to land is on syndicated programs where your interview goes out to numerous stations around the country.

I did that first 1,000 watt  interview with Glenn Klein on December 8 @ WRJN-AM 1400 in Milwaukee, WI. In the short space of one month, I moved through the ranks up to the 25,000 watt level and just this past week landed my first syndicated show appearance.

On Monday, I will do my second syndicated interview, this time with a show that is broadcast to [gulp] 196 radio stations across the country. (That's not a typo, it is 196 and I'm flabbergasted)

I would like to claim credit for the incredibly fast pace that this is happening, but if I did, it would be a lie.

The reason I've been able to do this is because of the intense media interest surrounding Donald Trump and my connection to him which is in my book. Without Trump, I'm just another chump hawking a book. 

And I'll take that!

If you want to listen to any of my previous interviews, I have links o some of them at the bottom of the http://secretagentman.org/ homepage. Feel free to share this link, along with a comment or two on your social media pages.

If you haven't already, consider friending me on Facebook or following on Twitter.


https://twitter.com/RFSaunders or @RFSaunders

What follows is Very Important!

This is the broken-record section that I will include at the end of every weekly update, because it is soooo important to the success of a newly launched novel.

Only a fraction of people who hear me on a radio talk show will visit my book's page on Amazon. If they see only a few reviews, most will go no further - they will wait to see if the book becomes popular. It is like getting your first job or landing that first radio interview - it's hard because almost everyone wants to see proof that others like you or your work before they will hire you or buy your book.

So once again, I plead for you all to go to the Amazon page and Goodreads and leave a short review or even just click on some Stars - even if you haven't finished reading it yet, if you like it so far - or just want to help me out - try and find some time to do this! It is one of the most important keys in this process. I would love to see a bunch of new reviews or Star ratings before I do the nationally syndicated show on Monday:-)

Click Here for the Amazon page.

Click Here for the Goodreads page.

Thank you all for your continued support! Wish me luck on Monday!

Rich Saunders

Greetings friends and Journey supporters! Here is the latest weekly update.

My national radio tour is starting to pick up steam. As we get closer to and into the presidential primary season, interest in my topic(s) will increase along with more requests from media outlets to interview me (or so I'm told).

I just booked the nationally syndicated Josh Tolley Show. (click here) It will be live on Wednesday, Jan 6 at 11:15 am - my guest segment will run approximately 30 minutes. 

On Friday Jan 8, I will record a session for a local Boston radio station [WNTN] that will air on a future Saturday, closer to the NH primary. When I know the air date / time, I'll post that info.

Please consider posting my upcoming events, along with links to http://www.secretagentman.org on your social media platforms. (archived links to my previous radio interviews are at the bottom of the home page)

In order to fully leverage these media opportunities, it would be great if I had a lot of informative, positive reviews on Amazon - but despite having sold over 760 copies to date, I only have three paltry reviews (thank you again Dave Barrett - Click Here). My Christmas wish (for reviews) didn't come true, so now it's a New Year's wish.

I have no idea how many of you have been able to find the time to read the book yet, but if you have, PLEASE consider taking a few minutes to log into Amazon and giving the book some Stars and a few kind words. I can't emphasize enough how important it is to have at least 25 reviews (and preferably 100+) on Amazon. That IS what drives Amazon sales!

Click Here for the Amazon page to review Journey.

Before reviewing, it is also important to read this brief document online (Click here). It shows that many of the stories in Journey / SecretAgentMan come from my own Real-Life method-writing escapades. This is the hook that separates my work from anything else ever written and is the key to fully understanding the work.

The recent success at the Salem, NH Barnes & Noble has led to the book being picked up at a few more of their stores in my region. I hope to keep on working that angle, with the goal of getting national distribution in all or most of their locations. This won't be easy and will depend on a combination of lots of online (positive) reviews, media attention and some social-media viral activity, in which YOU are they key to generating.

If you haven't connected with me on social media yet, here are my accounts:



I'm working as hard as I can, but you peeps are as (or even more) important in this effort! If my core supporters don't participate in helping me generate interest in a book from an unknown writer with a startup publisher, then (almost) all hope is lost.

Here's hoping for a happy and healthy New Year for all of you, your family and loved ones. May all Your dreams come true! (even if mine do not)

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