Richard Saunders's latest update for Journey, A Short Story -  Volume 1

Jan 15, 2016

Greetings Earthings!

Here is your Journey weekly update.

I have a new web page where you can follow my National Talk-Radio Show Tour. Click Here and bookmark it if you like that idea.

It looks like some of you have actually finished reading the book and have Finally started to post some awesome reviews! Yay! And Thank You! And Thank You again!

For those who are dying to help out and are ready to post your own reviews, here are the links! 

For Amazon, click Here.

For Goodreads , click Here.

The more reviews we can get the better we will be able to market the book. So here's a suggestion one of my supporters came up with last week.

Give your copy of Journey to a friend (or your sister) - tell them how awesome it is (if that is what you believe) - especially the "method-writing" aspect and "The Great Impostor" aspect that the radio stations are excited enough about to want me on their shows! 

Tell them about the National Radio Talk-Show Tour and how this book is expected to eventually EXPLODE in the media. (It is simmering right now and will come to a full boil during this presidential election year)

Tell them they can be in on it (with the cool crowd) before everyone else discovers it and the amazing real-life story Behind its creation!

Then ask them to consider posting a review on Amazon and Goodreads. Of course this pre-supposes that YOU have already done this!

Then they can pass the book along to another friend (or your mother) and so on.

So let's get moving on that  ~ or just ignore it all and have a GREAT weekend either way!

Thanks much!

Rich Saunders