Richard Saunders's latest update for Journey, A Short Story -  Volume 1

Jun 4, 2016

Did I ever tell you great peoples how much I appreciate your support!!!!

I believe I did, but I can’t repeat it enough, or say it loud enough!!!

This ride keeps getting better and better and I could NOT have even gotten on it and moved one inch if not for my early Inkshares supporters who pre-ordered the book when it was nothing more than an idea, a hope, a dream and a promise that I didn’t know if I could keep! 

You took a chance on me with your hard earned dollars and I will forever be grateful and will NEVER let you forget it! If you joined up later on, I appreciate you folks too! 

I still need ALL of you to help keep this train moving and on track! We are a long way from the final destination and have a big Hill Climb is in front of us!

All kinds of cool stuff going on. We are on the verge of breaking the 1,000 copies sold or ordered barrier! Currently 982 books have been ordered and left the warehouse.
Let’s get that number to over 1,000 soon!

I have two appearances this month at Barnes & Noble stores! On June 18 at 12 noon EDT, I will be at the Salem, NH store and on June 26, I’ll be signing copies at the Nashua, NH location! Getting booked at Barnes & Noble stores is hard to do and it is a huge accomplishment for any author to get that level of recognition. Only a very small % of writers are granted these opportunities and I am so Grateful and humbled to be trusted with such close access to their customers. If you are in the area, stop by and say hello! Even if you already have a copy of my book.

Cool Contest Announcement! Guess my weight and win prizes! FREE to enter!

On Monday, June 6, I will start a "crash-diet." I will post a video diary every Monday on my FB Author page where I will weigh in.

Every week people can post guesses on what my weight be. The top Three closest guesses will win! If LOTS of people enter the contest, the value and number of prizes will increase!

So please participate and tell your friends and frienemies!

Here is the link to the contest: (click it or copy and paste it into your browser!

Hope to see you on Facebook!

p.s. still need reviews on Amazon!!!!