Richard Saunders's latest update for Journey, A Short Story -  Volume 1

Dec 8, 2015

Greetings all,

The eBook version of Journey has been released and everyone should have received a link to download it onto whatever device you use. I know how busy everyone gets this time of year, but I hope you are able to somehow squeeze in some time to read the book and possibly post a star rating or a review online.

This afternoon I had my first media interview. I was on WRJN in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for 20 minutes of live air without a commercial. I have been apprehensive about how I would perform in these situations. The host was smooth and professional - I was not.

I was a stammering idiot who talked too fast. I also got a little tongue tied when he asked a couple questions that I hadn't anticipated. But I got through it and realized that I can do this. I know that I will improve over time and will eventually become adequate, which is my goal.

My publicist is pitching the book's connection to Donald Trump, which makes the story both interesting and topical. If I am able to become articulate enough doing these interviews, I should be able to book more of them.

I was surprised at how they handle these things. I had imagined that the show host or a staff member would interview me first off air and we'd discuss what we would talk about. I don't expect most of these radio hosts to read the whole book before the interview but I thought there would be some pre-show prep.

Basically what happened is that they recieve a one page pitch with a little background on the book and a few proposed questions. The station booked me with just two days notice.  The host (Glen Klein) glances at the pitch sheet and calls me a minute before we go on air; we chat for 30 seconds while a song is playing on his station and then we go live and the host just wings it. It was kind of impressive how smooth he was with near zero preparation.

As this process unfolds, it becomes more important that I have star ratings and reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. If people hear about the book in the media and go on Amazon to check it out - 99.9% of them will click away from it if they see that it doesn't have many ratings or reviews.

That is why it so important that my supporters here on Inkshares become the first group to post knowledgeable reviews. One of the keys to the book's success is for the reviewers to know or believe that the Donald Trump, Dan Brown, Governor Weld, Columbine Memorial etc. stories really are true stories that I fictionalized. That is what will make this book stand out and so far the people reviewing it on Goodreads don't really know about this aspect. It just went live on Amazon so almost no one has reviewed it there yet. 

You are the people who got this book published and I hope that you also become the ambassadors who will write the early reviews that give the backstory some credibility. I don't expect any strangers to take my word for anything, but they will give credence to your thoughts. And I can't claim to be  a so-called "Great Impostor" and then expect anyone to believe any claims to truth that I talk about. 

I would like to see ten Amazon reviews by the end of the weekend - who's up for that?

Here's the link to the PR material that relates the fiction to the real-life episodes.  

And once again, here are the links to the book's page on Amazon and Goodreads where reviews can be placed. A few kind words or a couple of sentences are fine. If anyone wishes to do a longer review that's great, but that's above and beyond what I'm asking for.

I still can't thank you good people enough for making this Journey possible for me! I will keep updating you on any developments so that you can continue to experience it with me.

Kindest regards,

Rich Saunders