Richard Saunders's latest update for Journey, A Short Story -  Volume 1

Dec 13, 2015

Greetings all,

Things are proceeding at an increasing rate with more news coming in.

Very excited to report that I've just scored an author appearance / book signing at Barnes & Noble in Salem, NH on one of the highest foot-traffic days of the year!

Sunday, December 20 from 1 to 3 PM!

Stop by and say hello. Please help me spread the word in your social media!
As Donald Trump would say - This is HUGE!

(In case any of you don't know it by now, the Daniel Trask character in my book really is Donald Trump and that method-written story is absolutley True!) That hook is getting me the radio interviews!

I am currently in San Fran visiting family and will attend Inkshares One Year Anniversary Party! It is Tuesday night 6-8 pm 415 Jackson St, San Francisco. Three or Four other authors will also be there to sign books, meet & greet. There will be free alcohol, so please drink responsibly - or get smashed if you want, as long as you have a ride (and don't turn into an obnoxious drunk - from my experience, pleasant drunks are very nice people and so much fun to be around! (not that I recommend it as a frequent habit)

 I can't stress enough the importance of having a decent amount of positive reviews on Amazon  and  Goodreads. Post a review this week and I will send you one of these cute puppies for Christmas (or whatever holiday you might celebrate) - while supplies last!


I continue to add to the list of bookstores that are stocking my title - see the list at the bottom of my website home page.

The list isn't complete, because when distributors order books, I don't know what stores are originating the order. So next time you visit your local bookstore, please ask for it and let me know if they have it in stock and I will add that store to the list.

Thanks again for ALL of your help! You peeps are such a KEY part of the team attempting to make this book a success! Your efforts are already showing results with increasing interest from stores and radio stations! Keep it up with likes, shares and reviews etc!

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The BIG missing ingredient so far is Reviews, Reviews, Reviews! Amazon .......    Goodreads. Do it soon (before I run out), because who wouldn't want a cute puppy!