Richard Saunders's latest update for Journey, A Short Story -  Volume 1

Feb 1, 2015

 I'm happy to announce that SecretAgentMan has reached 82% of its funding goal! Thanks so MUCH to all of YOU who made that happen! To date, 72 people have supported this project! I'm so appreciative and humbled by the number of people who have expressed the desire to help me out with this.  

Today is Social Media Blitz Day! (or tomorrow if that's when you get this message)

I'm asking, (pleading) with everyone to Please post  and Share the following link in one or all of your social media accounts; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever else you social media fanatics do:-)

 along with a ringing endorsement and / or a gentle armtwist if that's what it takes! You may wish to ask your friends to help you out in order to build your chain of support. Or just recommend the book to read or to order as a gift for their friends who love reading fiction.

 If we can keep the momentum going and generating pre-orders of the book it will WIN an Inkshares Publishing Contract!

 Now it's time for the final push to get to 100% before the Funding period runs out on Feb. 26!

So please pass the word around - some of you might even consider ordering extra copies to give as gifts. Whatever you can do is Very Much Appreciated!

With YOUR help, We CAN make this happen! 

Thanks again!
Rich Saunders

Go Pats!