Emily Senft's latest update for Invictus

Jul 8, 2016

Onwards and Upwards!

So at some point, we hit 50 followers. I want to use this opportunity to thank (again) everyone who has commented, reviewed or recommended Invictus. You are the oil that keeps the gears turning!

Whilst I’m here, I’ll do two things:

First I’m going to shout out to Matthew Dho’s  I Am Waltz. Any and all proceeds from the sales will be given to the families of the victims of the Orlando shooting. So support an awesome book, and a worthy cause.  Also it has robot gore.

Secondly, I was going to do a character bio - but couldn’t decide who to do. So I asked Silver to give a rundown on the group as a whole instead.

Key Members:

"Silver Jenkins here, reporting for The Vox. I should probably start with myself, although I’m not that important a member (my trumpet gathers dust in the closet). I’m agender, so they/them pronouns please. I do all the reporting for our underground resistance newspaper The Vox, and am always ready to take an oppurtune shot. I also do a lot of hacking in my spare time, and am a backup in case Adrian’s heart finally gives out.

  • Alyx Bradley -   Our Runner
  • Ruth King-Gomez - She’s our self-confessed den mother, and complete fusspot. She has that motherly stare that tells you off without having to say anything. Oh yeah, and always look at her when you talk to her, or she might smack you.
  • Harriet Anti - Our medic and biotech expert. She used to work for Charon, on project Titan. She was part of the team to crack ectogenesis, then realized the horror of what they’d done and jumped ship. She also has a mysterious genetic illness that she doesn’t like to talk about. 
  • Rain Bradley - Harriet’s lover, Alyx’s mother, and currently very dead. Her Soul is stuck in Sheol. Getting it out is our number one objective.
  • Adrian Goldstein - Eurgh. What can I say? He’s a rich git, always high and  has appalling personal hygiene. But he’s a damn good hacker, always looking out for us and can do shell transfers (we call them ’Recuva’) no problem. He spends a suspicious amount of time in the Inner City though. Not that I’m complaining.
  • Mae Anti - Harriet’s biological sister. The two have a chequered past we can only speculate about. She’s our guardian angel. She teaches people how to fight, defend themselves and the nuances of human anatomy. She likes her knives a bit too much, and refuses to get a gun. Somehow she’s yet to have to undergo a Recuva though.
  • Hernando King-Gomez - Oh my god where do I start. He’s Ruth’s husband, if the name didn’t give it away, and performs much the same duties. But holy hell is he ripped. He also runs the farm, kitchens, orphanage and teaches the kids chess, risk and diplomacy in his spare time.

We have others, but these are the main ones. They’re always around, lovely to talk to and fully prepared to die for our cause. Though we’d rather not, because we’re probably all branded as traitors and doomed to Sheol. So we’re stuck living for the time being. Not that we fear death, but more that we know what comes after, and we don’t much like it."


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