Noga Niv's latest update for Inside the Bubble

Jun 5, 2015

Dear friends and readers,

Inside the Bubble was released two weeks ago. The shipment of your pre-ordered books and e-books is now completed. Many thanks for the Inkshares team for their hard work and many thanks to you, my dear backers of this project for making it come alive.

If for some reason you did not receive your copy/copies of Inside the Bubble, please get back to me asap and let me know so I can correct this problem.   

I am pleased to share that I am getting very nice comments from readers so far. A few of these comments are posted on Amazon and Goodreads.  I am particularly surprised and happy to learn that the novel resonates with experience of (women) immigrants to the Silicon Valley from different parts of the world like China, Korea, Russia, and Europe. I am glad to hear that my American readers find the book fascinating and see it as a window to understanding aspects of the Israeli community in the Bay Area. Several of the reviewers related to the novel as Modern time Mary McCarthy who depicts a certain time and place in history by telling a story about a group of women.

I hear remarks such as: “the book kept me awake all night”, ”I was really hooked into the story”,” I loved your characters”, “you are a gifted writer I think you should write a sequel” and more. Such comments truly warm my heart. I appreciate them tremendously. However, for marketing purposes, it would be much more helpful if my readers could post their complements on Amazon and Goodreads. Below is a link to Amazon and Goodreads and I would highly appreciate if you could take a few moments to post your review.

Thank you!!!

And last, if you reside in the Bay Area, please mark your calendar for the book launching event on August 23 @ 5pm.  I will send flyers and electronic reminder closer to the event.

Have a great summer,