(Warning, long post ahead)

Hello, fantastic reader-type people! So...the contest is over as is Impervious’ funding run. It was... Well, I’ll be honest. It was always the loooooooongest of shots. Needless to say, Impervious didn’t make it. Started off nice and strong but after I dropped off the top 10 in the first week, it just wasn’t going to happen. 

Why didn’t it happen? Well, mostly because I hate self-promotion. This is something that I actually didn’t know until about a week into the campaign. Looking back, I should have had solid plans for the campaign, some kind of contest... regular planned updates, a much more active Twitter following... And every one of those things feels like pulling teeth. Without painkillers. While listening to country music. I have very little stomach for the two to three hours a day I would have spent sending individual emails, and crafting subtle but funny tweets directing people to Inkshares. I kinda just want to write...and not worry about all that self-marketing stuff. The life of an indie-author might not be for me.

Anyway, enough blame casting. It was a contest. I didn’t win. I’ve acknowledged my faults. Moving on!

The big question is: "What does this mean for Impervious?" That’s a fair question, given that some of you put down actual money to make it happen. Rest assured, I’m not giving up on Impervious at all. But, its future is...complicated. I’ll do my best to simplify it, and explain where I’m coming from.

The first thing I’m going to do is polish up the second draft a little bit, then kick out a third and maybe fourth draft. Get the story in a state that I think is fit for shopping around to agents and editors. Then, the submission process will begin. At WorldCon, I learned that this process is not what you’d call "fast" so, best case scenario, if Impervious were picked up by a publisher we’re looking at a couple years (at best) before it could be in print.  

Unfortunately, there’s a problem with that plan.

Impervious is a big book for a first time author to shop around. Not only is it a big book, but its got two sequels that will be equally as big. It would represent a large risk for a publisher to take on a book like Impervious from an unproven author. So, chances are that while I might find an agent who likes my writing style and is willing to shop it around, I’m unlikely to find a publisher to take a chance on it as my first book. I’m not saying I’m not going to give it a try, but I am saying the odds are pretty long.

Now, this still leaves me with a book in pretty good condition, a story that I love and want to get out there. I’ve got a couple different options that I’m considering. First is to hire an editor and give it a bit more polish. Well, that’ll have to happen no matter what. What do I do with it then? 

One option I’m considering is to try my hand at audio and doing a chapter-a-week podcast. I think it would be fun, it would help me develop my voice for reading my own work and, who knows, maybe it would take off. I’d also have a completed novel that I could put up on Amazon and perhaps the podcast would drive a little traffic to it. This would be a lot of work on my part, but it would be fun.

While I’m doing that, I’d be writing some books that would be more saleable to a publisher. That pretty much means that I’d have to wait on Book 2 for a bit, but its probably the best option in the long run.

In conclusion, thanks everyone for following me and supporting me on this, the first of my adventures in publishing! You haven’t heard the last from me at all. If you want to keep up with what I’m currently working on, check me out on Twitter (@writerSeth) or on my blog http://seth-swanson.com for all the latest news, rants, and cat pictures. It’s been fun! See you next time!

Hello, my most awesome followers! We’re about a month into the Inkshares Fantasy contest, and Impervious’ stay in the top 10 spot was sadly short lived. It was a glorious time. The nobility rejoiced and hardly any commoners were conscripted into the army. 

In the meantime, I took a trip to WorldCon where I learned quite a bit about the publishing industry and talked to many awesome authors. It was a fount of knowledge that I’ll be pouring into my writing as I continue to work on Impervious. I’m just a couple of chapters away from finishing the second draft, and I’m already planning out some tweaks and changes that will make the third draft even better! Including (another) version of the first chapter.

I like this, but some possible improvements have been pointed out to me and I think I can make it better. Bigger. Faster. Stronger.

You guys are already awesome, but if you’d really like to see Impervious happen and get your fingers on it, consider recommending Impervious on Inkshares.com, telling your friends or sharing on social media. Both I, and the Emperor would be eternally grateful.

Good evening! Sorry I’ve been quite the last couple days.  I can honestly tell you that it’s because I’ve been writing long into the night, finishing up the second draft of Impervious. It’s so close and I’m so excited to finally have it finished!

While I’ve been writing, I’ve been cleaning up what I have written a little bit, changing some names around (Issa used to be Melissa) adding in some quotes on chapters that were missing them. Every little detail, every bit of polish just makes me feel that much better about it.

I’ll be going quiet again for a couple days. This time, because I’ll be at the biggest gathering of science fiction and fantasy authors in the world for an entire weekend! WorldCon here I come!

Once WorldCon is over, I’ll donate a little more time to keeping everyone updated on the status of Impervious, and doing my best to be responsible and push it a little more on social media.

If the campaign to get Impervious in the top three is going to have any problems, that’s going to be it. I hate filling my Twitter feed with constant "Buy my book" tweets, or sending out private emails ...but that’s what it’s apparently going to take.

As always I could use the help of you fine people. How can you help? The best way would be to recommend me on Inkshares, get that number of recommendations up. Get involved in the community a little by reading my chapters, and commenting on bits you liked, or even something you feel could use improvement. 

A huge thanks to those of you who’ve already pre-ordered and an equally huge thanks to those who’ve shared on Twitter and Facebook. I love you all, you’re awesome! Now, I’m going to head out tomorrow and see if I can’t talk some more people into helping make this book of ours a reality.

Notice to all residents  of the Slagiron District:

Looking for a better life? Tired of long hours for little pay? Wondering how you will pay for Forgefire come winter? Perhaps you want to travel; finally see the Expanse or exotic Tennua for yourself?

The Imperial Armed Forces are always looking for recruits. Although we are between Incursions the IAF needs strong individuals to take up the call to service. Remember, only Service grants Citizenship and the host of benefits including the right of travel and your Forgefire stipend. There is no better way to care for your family than giving them the protection that being a legal citizen grants. So sign up now!

If military service isn’t an option for you, consider supporting the Empire other ways. Go to https://www.inkshares.com/books/impervious-book-1-of-the-iron-principles/ and pre-order Impervious ... I mean an Imperial History Manual and learn of the wisdom of Emperors past. Tell your friends, family and neighbors that the Empire is looking for new recruits on Facebook, Twitter or in the guild halls.

Remember: Service grants Citizenship!

While Renth Vhen is considered the first Emperor of Kem, he did not actually claim that title for himself. The Empire proper would not come to be until his great-grandson, Melkeir, would officially declare Kem an Empire after conquering the first of the neighboring kingdoms. Still, Renth is afforded the title Emperor for what he began, as was his daughter and grandson.

The story of Renth Vhen’s rise to power is also the story of the First Incursion, and the events surrounding it, but there is also much more to his life. Renth saw the nation of Kem through two more Incursions after the first, each following close on the heels of the others.

During the first Incursion, he developed the first Etchings, many of which are still used today. The appearance of the Outsider Artifact seemed to trigger his Forgemind talents and he was instrumental in defeating the first waves of creatures that emerged from the gates to the Outside. By the end of the campaign he had taken command of the army, seized the Artifact, and devised the first means of harnessing its power.

Upon returning to Kemaire his claims of an alien threat to the kingdom were met with derision and he was arrested. The officers under his command begged the king to listen, but he refused. Left with little choice, his officers freed Renth from prison. Knowing that the kingdom and all surrounding lands were still in danger, Renth forged the first set of armor powered by the Artifact and led a coup against the king. He declared himself Protector of Kem, and rallied the nation’s resources to reinforce those soldiers he’d left to guard the sphere of alien influence surrounding the still open Gate.

In the years that followed, he would be plagued with threats both from the Outsiders and from court politics. Still, he created the first established defenses in the Expanse, fought off three Incursions during his life, invented Forgecraft, created the first Imperial Armor and laid the foundation for the most powerful empire of the face of Iskonar.

He had four children, two of whom would be Forgeminds. One of these, his daughter, Ghella, would become the next Protector and continue his work.

That is the much-abridged history of Renth Vhen, first Emperor of Kem, creator of the Blackforge, and first Forgemind. I wrote out a much looooooooonger piece on it a while ago, but I didn’t want to post a 10 page update. I’m not sure if tidbits like this, and the complete story of the first Incursion will make it into Impervious, in some sort of "Appendix" but we’ll see. For now, it’s just interesting information.

Now, I don’t have histories prepared for all thirteen or fourteen Emperors prior to Ghreman, but I’m willing to create them for you, my wonderful readers. All you have to do is share with your friends, and drive that pre-order number up. Every 10 new readers I get, I’ll post history for a new Emperor. Ghella Vhen, second Protector and first Empress of Kem is up next at 30. I think you’ll like her. Seth out!

Good evening, dear followers! It’s been a couple days since I sent out an update. Things got busy at the Swanson house, but we’ve normalized, and I’m back to tell you how awesome Impervious is going to be.

I’ve been stuck for the last couple days on figuring out the ending of Impervious. Not so much, what’s going to happen. I’ve known that for a year or two now, and the first draft established the events pretty well. In writing the second draft though, I’ve shuffled around a couple characters, and what they’re doing before the final confrontation. The problem I was having was getting everyone all in the right place, at the right time. 

Thankfully, I’m past that, and I’m busy finishing the second draft. Things are going to blow up and people are going to die. Fun times.

In further news, we’re up to 23 wonderful people who’ve backed Impervious, which means that you’ve earned a little Imperial history! The deal we have is that for every 10 readers (starting at 20) I will write an update on an Imperial Emperor, beginning tomorrow, with Renth Vhen, First Emperor of Kem.

So, stay tuned. This contest is just getting going. I’ll see you all tomorrow with the founder of the Iron Empire.

Short update tonight. Gained a few new readers today :) Welcome one and welcome all! Glad to have you aboard, and especially glad to have see some more pre-orders to keep me hanging on in the top 10. Being on the front page of the contest is a huge boon. 

To that end, I’m going to give a little bit of a carrot. When I hit 20 individual pre-orders (by the contests count) and then for every five orders after that, I’ll present the backstory of one of the Emperors of Kem, starting with Renth Vhen who abolished the previous monarchy, created the Blackforge and stopped the first Incursion. Want to know more about him? Share with your friends and get them to pre-order.

Is it a little mercenary of me? Yeah. I never said I wasn’t above a little bribery to get what I want. Mwahahahahahahaha!


Ok. Time to get some more writing done. See you tomorrow!

Good evening, loyal readers. Day 3 is ending and Impervious is still in the Top 10! We’re falling a little bit, but I have faith that I can stay on the leaderboard. Impervious started strong and it’ll stay strong as Etched steel!

I’ll keep tonight’s update short, since I’ve got to get back to finishing the second draft. Later on tonight I’ll be uploading the third chapter, introducing Issa. She’ll introduce you to the Sunderers and a little of what it means to be a Forgemind. She’s a main viewpoint character, but she’s still a little under construction, but only the fine details. 

That’s enough project updating. Time for writing. 

P.S. Jecks’ performance review is based on your loyalty to the Iron Empire. If you don’t want Kemiss to "retire" him, pre-order and share with your friends. Help support a minion today!

Good evening! We’re coming to a close on the second day of the contest and competition for the #3 spot remains fierce. As of this writing, I’m sitting at #5 which isn’t half bad. As I said, this is only day two, and there’s a lot further to go till the winners are crowned.

Earlier this evening I posted Chapter 2 from Impervious and my previous followers will think it looks awful familiar. It is, in fact, the previous first chapter. Due to feedback I received in a class, I decided that the book really needed to start with Ghreman’s view point. He’s on the cover. I bill him as the main character. You know. Little things like that.

I’m going to post Chapter 3 tomorrow, which will introduce you to one of the other main characters, Issa. She’s a Forgemind, like Ghreman, only she works with the Sunderers. 

To those of you who’ve already pre-ordered, you have my most sincere thanks. I’m going to make a great book for you. For those of you who are following along, I hope that the next couple chapters will convince you to take the plunge and join me on this crazy quest. Here’s wishing you all an excellent night!

Greetings one, greetings all to this, the First Annual Hunge... Wait... Wrong franchise... Blast! That’s a good opening wasted. Let’s try it again.

It’s finally happened. The long awaited Geek & Sundry Fantasy contest. Impervious is officially entered in the running and for the next 45 days will be competing for your amusement against its peers. Many will enter, but only three will arise, victorious. By your hands alone will Impervious emerge, triumphant into the hands of readers everywhere.

If you’re interested in Impervious, now is the time to back it. Launch it into the top three right at the beginning. I’m confident that the more people who see it, the more will want to know about Ghreman, Landem, Issa and Jecks.

Over the next 90 days, I’ll be posting more info, updates, and bonus content. That will take a brief break when I go to WorldCon toward the end of the month, but I’m in this for the long haul. I’ve been working hard on the second draft and it is just about finished! 

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to finish this draft (which is clocking in at 130,000 words so far). I’m already making notes on the third draft, so I’ll be ready to hit the ground running. 

Thank you all for your support, and I look forward to sharing more on the world of Iskonar with you all in the near future.

-Seth Swanson