Seth Swanson's latest update for Impervious: Book 1 of the Iron Principles

Aug 3, 2016

Good evening, loyal readers. Day 3 is ending and Impervious is still in the Top 10! We’re falling a little bit, but I have faith that I can stay on the leaderboard. Impervious started strong and it’ll stay strong as Etched steel!

I’ll keep tonight’s update short, since I’ve got to get back to finishing the second draft. Later on tonight I’ll be uploading the third chapter, introducing Issa. She’ll introduce you to the Sunderers and a little of what it means to be a Forgemind. She’s a main viewpoint character, but she’s still a little under construction, but only the fine details. 

That’s enough project updating. Time for writing. 

P.S. Jecks’ performance review is based on your loyalty to the Iron Empire. If you don’t want Kemiss to "retire" him, pre-order and share with your friends. Help support a minion today!