Letter 1

Letter 1

You probably don't remember the first time we clambered into each others lives. We were both working around Christmas time. You were looking for someone and I definitely wasn't. I'd like to think it was all a result of those chain letter emails I use to get in my pre-teen years finally paying off.

Speaking of my pre-teen years, I was once in an all girl band that never really recorded anything. We wrote songs that had no real music to them and we called ourselves Chances Are...

Chances are... I had an ugly sweater or Beetlejuice pants on that first time I saw you.

I probably laughed too loud as well.

No, I'm positive that was the case.

But I eventually I made you laugh too.

That's all I really think matters. How I look will change over time, money runs out and reputations can change by one bad decision. The chances of me becoming less funny over time though is highly unlikely.

I doubt you considered that, but I'm considering it for you now.

Correspondence 1:
I do remember being in the store but I do not remember you.
I think I asked about peppermint bark?
I actually was not looking for anyone. I was looking for a gift to take to a Xmas party with this girl I was seeing.

Strangely enough I was also in a pre-teen band.
Except it was with four of my friends. None of us played an instrument, knew of the band, and it mostly consisted of me singing 90's songs in the shower. We were called Promaniacs.

I do believe the first time that I noticed you you did have those terrible, stretchy , beetlejuice beetlejuice bettlejuice pants. Part of your head was shaved and I think it was dyed red?I don't remember laughing but I did buy patriotic shoes, "not sugar cookies" and I knew that I had to find you... on FB.

But, you make me laugh now.
Quite a bit.
I actually start laughing anticipating you laughing.
Even when it is to yourself in your head, I know it's coming.

I think I will be young forever.
At least in my soul. Even when we get old and our skin gets loose. I bald, you grey. We will still look great. 1) Tattoos 2) Personalities
My reputation was tarnished from the beginning, it's the looks thing, really screwed me.
But yes, we will always be funny.

You are correct. I never have. I live off of looks and strength. It's nice to know we will still have our sense of humor.

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