Jonathan Ferrara's latest update for Guns in the Hands of Artists

Nov 8, 2016

Dear Readers,

As you know the book published last week and has already begun to receive lots of media attention on, and an upcoming piece on  More is on its way soon..

We need your help in getting the book glowing reviews on…that will inspire media and readers about the book.

So i am asking you to please click on the link below to the books page on Amazon and give the book a 5 star review and add in your personal comments: 

Here is the link to post your review


 some key words & phrases you can consider using in your review: 

 important, brilliant, compelling, insightful, wonderful, outstanding, crucial, great, essential, significant, meaningful, noteworthy, remarkable, beautiful transformative, inspiring, impressive, amazing, extraordinary, immersive, dazzling,exquisite, elegant ,meditation

 connects with the heart and mind, haunting power of art, grand inquiry into the mystery and sorrow of guns, the promise of art 

 Links to media on the book thus far:

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Thanks again