Steve Hermanos's latest update for Going, Going, Gone!

Dec 6, 2019


GOING, GOING, GONE! Thanks to the Inkshares staff for working so hard on the book! We are looking at a June 1, 2020 publishing date. 

WASHINGTON WINS. 7 games over the Astros. I’m glad I don’t bet on sports because I loudly picked the Astros to win.

GREAT PITCHING AND CHEAP HOMERS. 2019 baseballs flew farther, in part because the seams on the ball were tighter and lower, creating less air resistance off the bat. Homers are great. But the running game--stolen bases, doubles, and triples are also great, AND leave runners on base, for simmering excitement.

CALCULATE THAT, MATHNERDS! This century, analytics have proven that taking risks on the bases is rarely smart. So we are treated to watching baserunners standing still, waiting for the batter to succeed or fail. It’s like observing someone waiting for a bus: yawn! Pro baseball could change the equation thusly: steal second, get awarded third. Steal third, trot on home! Let’s see the calculators overheating in all 30 major league office suites as they come to the conclusion: scour the world for base stealers and STEAL STEAL STEAL!!!!!

THE .497 GIANTS. The Giants’ new manager, Gabe Kapler, has a .497 lifetime winning percentage (161-163), same as their old manager, the brilliant-in-the-playoffs-and-World-Series Bruce Bochy (.497, 2003-2029). As a manager, in off-field decisions, and in answering questions, Kapler has failed to impress anyone other than Giants’ brass. We fans will wait and see if he can, literally, win over us.

2019 APPRECIATION. Oakland, San Francisco, New Yankee, Wrigley, New Comiskey, Milwaukee, and a minor league ballpark. Two overall highlights: my fabulous wife and I touring Wrigley Field together before a game; my son returning to our seats with baseballs he artfully snags.

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