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Jan 22, 2020


GOING, GOING, GONE! The editorial work on my time-travel baseball novel is progressing. Thanks to the Inkshares staff for working so hard on the book! We are looking at a July 1, 2020 publishing date. 

ASTROS CHEATERS! It’s front-page news. The Houston Astros were caught relaying live centerfield video of the opposing catcher putting down signs. Here’s the chain: centerfield camera focusing on the opposing catcher, to monitor near the dugout, and then a coach or player would bang on a trash can to signal the batter: no whacks--fastball; whacks--curve. The Astros won the 2017 World Series with this help.

In better days, the only electronic device allowed in the dugout was the telephone to the bullpen. In recent years, Major League Baseball has rushed to embrace all sorts of video and motion-sensor technology. They measure how fast every fielder moves on every play. The teams may want this information, but do they need it? No they don’t.

And this is what they’ve reaped, a sign-stealing debasement of the game itself through technology. Talk about a raging fire of cynicism throughout American society in the Trump Era; the Houston Astros cheating scandal pours an oil refinery’s gas supply onto it.

Sure, attempting to steal the catcher’s signals to the pitcher has been a part of baseball forever. But that has relied on the batting team’s EYES and brains, not on artificial technology. There HAVE been scandals using binoculars and telescopes; not cool, but nothing compares to MLB’s current whimpering surrender to technology.

THE BEST WAY OUT OF THIS! Grab a baseball and your mitt. If you don’t have a baseball, grab a tennis ball, or a taped, balled-up sock. Find a loved one or friend or a dog or a wall--and THROW THE BALL! That’s why so many of us love baseball, because we learned it as a kid. It’s a part of us in a way we can’t explain, in a way a cheating scandal amidst teams of multi-millionaires can’t destroy. 

THE THEME OF GOING, GOING, GONE! The cheating scandal and ubiquitous technology underscores some of the themes of Going, Going, Gone! Two players—Andre Velez, and Johnny Blent--and their manager—Bucky Martin—are caught in an earthquake and ripped back in time to the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Their MLB lives are obliterated, their identities. Their money, fame, girlfriends, cars and condos. But as they hook into professional baseball in 1906, and take to the field, playing with no cameras examining their every move, without the flashing lights and deafening sound system of 21st century stadiums, they find playing baseball deeply refreshing and their love for it is reborn.

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