Steve Hermanos's latest update for Going, Going, Gone!

Apr 26, 2019

Your All-Time Favorite Player! For those who pre-ordered 5 or more copies of GOING, GOING, GONE! tell me your favorite player, or name a few players, or a team. DON’T BE SHY! And make sure I have your address. I’ll be putting together baseball card thank you packages in the coming weeks. If you’ve pre-ordered less than 5, feel free to order some more, and hit that 5!

Book update: GOING, GOING, GONE! is in the hands of the Inkshares editorial team. They promise that we will have a publishing date and plan of action in one month. Meanwhile, please mention GOING, GOING, GONE! to your baseball-loving friends. Ask them if it’s OK if you forward their email to me. As you know, I collect those emails.

Thanks so much for your pre-orders and your faith in GOING, GOING, GONE!

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