J. Durbin's latest update for Forty Days

Sep 21, 2015

Wow, what a weekend!

Hello, readers. It's time for your state-of-the-project report; Forty Days more than doubled its reader count over the weekend! (There might have been a wiggly butt-dance of triumph in the kitchen. You'll never know - there are no witnesses.)

This is starting to feel like momentum, and I am really pumped to try to keep that momentum going. Fortunately, Inkshares provides us a great way to do that! Some of you probably noticed the recent change to the Inkshares home page; now every time you excerpt text, Like something, or comment, Forty Days is briefly featured in the Buzzing section! I'd like to know what is really working for folks in the sample chapter anyway, so if you have a spare few minutes, send me some feedback?

I ran the numbers this morning, and we've gotten Forty Days into the top 25% of submissions. Not bad, for starting two weeks late with the social media skills of your grandma! (Okay, not your grandma - maybe your aunt who wants to stay current but thinks 'twittering' sounds ridiculous.)

There are only 9 days left in the Nerdist contest, but I'm confident that this project can make it to the leaderboard. Never fear - even when the Nerdist contest is over, I am still going to keep pushing to take this to publication. I believe in this book, and my funding window keeps going long after the contest ends.

So I'm going to go back to the salt mines and keep writing, pitching, and reaching out, and you're going to tell me what imagery struck you, or what line made you laugh or cringe, right?

Till next time, internets!