Stephen Carignan
With a three dimensional world and compelling characters, First on Mars draws reader in with it's narrative structure. The first paragraph sets the tone and world, but soon we're drawn into the journey the characters must undertake. Add in a mystery to keep the pages turning and this book is sure to delight!
Sam Ganesh
Love this so far!
Kendra Namednil
Okay, so this is an awesome read, and here are a few reasons why.  First, problems are quickly resolved, but the mindset of those involved is viscerally captured.  Second, the scene breaks are expertly captured, with a change in the flow of words that nicely matches any change in speaker.  Third, the crew has a female majority, always a plus.  Fourth, the praise paragraph... it made me tear up.  They wouldn't have accepted you if you didn't have what it takes.  I bet the other people look at you the same way you look at them and have the same [concerns] you have.  You are right where you belong, son.  I mean, that's about the best mothering as can be done!  Read this book.  It's accurate, honest and a darn good read.
Peter Ryan
If you like your sci-fi hard and crunchy then you really do need to check out First on Mars. This is really good stuff. Make sure you hit the pre-order button to bring Landon's story to life.
I love this book! I like your characters and appreciate that the women outnumber the men on this mission! :)  When I was growing up, women in space was only a dream.  Your story is interesting and extremely timely with all the news about Mars lately. I am greatly looking forward to your next chapter to find out how life on Mars is working out and whether any more sabatoge is discovered! 
Landon Trine
Joanna Lynn Brosius Chaplin
 I've been craving optimistic near-future pro-science scifi, especially regarding space exploration.  And this book looks like it has a setting somewhat like that of The Martian, which I loved in book and movie format, both.  But it looks enough different than The Martian not to be a straight-up copy cat, which I appreciate.  So yeah, sign me up! 
Alexander Zero
First on Mars begins with a bang, and doesn't let up. In the vein of Apollo 13 and The Martian, Landon has created a Lord of the Flies-in-outer-space survival tale that is immediately intriguing. Check it out!
Alexander Zero
I love me a good sci-fi thriller, and Landon hits all the right notes with this one. It's clearly well-researched, too. Check this one out!
M. Robert Randolph
Intense opening! After seeing the Martian recently, I'm stoked for more effed up missions to Mars. Get this!