Elena Stofle
I love this! Can't wait to read more!!
Tabi Card
Ohmygoodness everyone go get this book because it needs to be in my hands TODAY! #thatconceptthough #mindblown
G. R. Paskoff
Wow, this is so clever and amusing. Yet so psychologically deep on many levels. And terrifying, too. Can't wait to read more.
Jaye Milius
Immediately engaging. Such an interesting concept and in a wonderfully clever writing style. Can't wait to dig in and read the whole thing!
Stephen Carignan
This is an interesting work which brings to life a world which is rich in detail and scope, even though its focus is specific. Farm Boy creates vivid imagery and shows the conflict both intrinsic and extrinsic to the protagonist. I look forward to reading more.
Ashley Brandt
A unique book that makes it easy for the readers to follow from the very beginning!
Ashley Brandt
Farm Boy is a unique tale that the author has so delicately created for the readers. It hooks the readers from the very prologue, and keeps them reading without having any difficulty understanding what the author wants them to understand.
Ryne Drogemuller
The concept is reminiscent of one of my favorite sci-fi stories House of the Scorpion. Curious to see how this story will differentiate itself.