Tabi Card
Exile, Magus is a unique fantasy tale, giving new meaning to the word 'Epic'. As you follow the life of Pentaz, you will be treated to an intricate blend of myth and magic, sit on the edge of your seat through intense battles, and chuckle at the witty banter of the characters as they face a variety of threats. If you read fantasy, read this - I promise it will not disappoint!
John Robin, author of Blood Dawn
Exile, Magus, brings out the grand voice of high fantasy. Thomas Arnold brings together echos of Gulliver's Travels, Terry Pratchet, and Tolkien with his witty, scholarly narrative voice, strange races with strange names, and sense of a rigorously-thought-out world. I expect from what I read to enter something amusing, thoughtful, and intriguing all at once!
Ashley Brandt
Exile, Magus is a different kind of fantasy book that tells the tale of a dwarf instead of a typical human or even a sorcerer or elf. It really makes this race seem just as superior, if not better, than the others mentioned in this book, and it makes me want to keep reading more.
Andrew Wood
What stands out the most about Exile, Magus is its unique approach to a story. Thomas Arnold has brought something new and dazzling to the world of Fantasy, and Exile, Magus will make a fine addition to any book shelf.
Zac Thompson
Prose that works on infinite levels. With minute details and sprawling fantasy. This is a book that runs with giants like Tolkien and Rothfuss.
Rob Gokee
With his preview of Chapter 34, Thomas paints a grim & visceral view of the aftermath of a battle. There are casualties on both sides, and you find yourself feeling for characters you've just met. In a world of elves and shapeshifters, Thomas' writing draws you in, and threatens to keep you there:)
Zyle CW Cook
A dwarven Wizard-something rarely explored!
Reader Writer
Si se puede!
Byron Gillan
A cool and unique fantasy story that hooks you in immediately. The world-building is solid and the cast are interesting. I really recommend checking this book out, it's awesome and it needs more support!
Yicheng Liu
Wit and fantasy packed in that awesome package. Great things are better left for you to find in this story! :)