Meghan Godwin's latest update for Eudaimonia

Oct 10, 2017

Well friends,

It seems I owe you an apology for the “fire drill” yesterday. I thought (just like everyone else in this contest) that Monday, Oct 9th was the end of this contest. SURPRISE! That is not the case!

Inkshares seemed to have had a glitch with the web page that they were unaware of:

“The end date was always the end of the day on the 16th, but a glitch in the system kept making it the 10th. We did not know this was going on until very recently, or we absolutely would have sent an update. We will address this to everyone soon.” -Elena Stofle

So while that was vastly confusing, the silver lining here is we have one more week! (TUES OCT 17TH)

I appreciate everyone who has already pre-ordered! Thank you so much for all your help getting Eudaimonia into AND keeping it in the top 3.

Currently, there are 26 pre-orders separating 3rd and 4th place. Which is the difference of having a book published or not.

You know what I’m going to ask since this isn’t our first rodeo. :) But, this time I took a page from Mr. Paul Gulyas, who happens to be in first place, and created a little copy and paste snippet that might be helpful. (When you ask your pals, pals of pals, and long lost 2nd cousins to help THIS sister out.)

My friend, Meghan, is trying to get her book published. Would you help her by pre-ordering? Or maybe giving her book, Eudaimonia, a shout out on Facebook, Twitter or email?

You would be surprised the power of one pre-order!

Again, I am very sorry for the confusion.

As you were, keep on trucking, we are nearly there because Oct 17th is when this contest is actually over!

Meghan Godwin