Meghan Godwin's latest update for Eudaimonia

Nov 30, 2017

Hello Friends!

I wanted to first wish you a "happy holidays"!

Then I wanted to give you a few updates:
1. Eudaimonia - everything has been submitted and now we are just waiting. I will let you know as soon as I hear something.

2. NaNoWriMo- This is the first time I have participated in National Novel Writing Month. My word count at the end of November is 14,247. Now, when you consider the goal of 50,000 words that 14,247 does NOT look all that impressive. 28% achievement of any goal could be considered failure. But, when you consider everything else I was working on in November ( 3 college classes, work, coordinating an office move, needing to eat and sleep) 14,247 words doesn’t seem so terrible after all. AND when I tell you that these 14,247 words were the beginning of the SEQUEL to Eudaimonia, they start looking pretty darn good!  
As it is with most things, it is all about how you frame it. But to sweeten the sell, I want you to know that I have an attainable December writing goal of 5,000 words. So, by the end of the year that 14,247 should be 19,247.  That is nearly 20,000 words in the SEQUEL direction. Super cool.

After all of your help and support to get Eudaimonia in the "publishing way," I didn’t want you to think I was ungrateful or had fallen into a hole.  I am working, and I will continue to work (because this whole Eudaimonia- getting -published-thing has given me momentum and made me insufferable to be around.) 

Thank you so much (AGAIN) for everything! 
I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Your pal,
Meghan Godwin