Julie Strauss Bettinger's latest update for Encounters with Rikki

Apr 9, 2015

"Rikki" readers and friends:

We had a tremendous launch for “Encounters with Rikki: from Hurricane Katrina rescue to exceptional Therapy Dog.” Thank you all for being our pacesetters!

We’ve heard from fellow therapy dog team members, educators, veterinarians and even Rikki’s personal fan club (grandparents and aunt included). What we hear most often:

This is an important story, it needs to be told.

We need this book!

In this crowd-funded publishing venture, we have now moved into the pre-order phase. We have only 46 days to “pre-sell” 1,135 books at the discounted rate.

GOOD NEWS:  One group has come forward and offered to match any future purchases up to the amount of $5,000. That would get us close to the finish!

Recommendation:  If you have already supported the book, you may consider pre-ordering more books at the Grand Patron level. This would allow you to receive a significant discount on the retail price of the book and you can donate them to your favorite nonprofit to use in fundraising or distribute to your friends and family who love dogs and want to see more people benefit from animal assisted therapy – especially children.

At the very least, please post this link on blogs and share with your social communities (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). 


If you need a specific message crafted, please let us know.  After all, Rikki has her own personal wordsmith!

Thanks, again. We so appreciate your support.

- Julie Strauss Bettinger and the Encounters with Rikki team