Julie Strauss Bettinger's latest update for Encounters with Rikki

Apr 21, 2015

Rikki is fully funded!

Friends, I was driving back from an 8-day outdoor adventure in the Texas Hill Country yesterday when my phone started buzzing and beeping and chiming. I knew something was up and hoped it was good news. When we stopped for lunch, I learned that we had reached our funding goal for Encounters with Rikki!

The stories of how YOU, our readers and those who believe in this book, pulled it off are such an inspiration. We were backed by benefactors of animal-related causes who not only want this story told, but can use the books for their favorite nonprofit's fundraising efforts. And individuals who've had their own "encounters" with Rikki. I recognized names of friends and those who have been like family to me over the years – plus lots of people I look forward to getting to know after the book is published.

I am truly humbled by your generosity. I have been fortified by this effort and can't wait to get back to work writing the final chapters.

The publisher expects to have our book out December 10th of this year. I am going to do everything in my power to get us to the finish.

Thank you, again.  You are all heroes in my book!

 - Julie Strauss Bettinger and the Encounters with Rikki team