Julie Strauss Bettinger's latest update for Encounters with Rikki

Jan 21, 2016

You’re getting books! I know, because I’m seeing posts on Facebook and receiving very kind notes from readers...

Since Chuck Mitchell and I truly feel that Encounters with Rikki can be a tool for change – to allow children across the country to have the comfort of a therapy dog when they need it most – we’re asking… 

Would you please consider reviewing this book on official channels? 

Two measures of a book’s worth in today’s world come in the form of reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. These determine a book’s fate – will it be read by the masses or wind up on the dreaded “remainders” list, nine months after pub date? 

Here are the two channels that can change that for Encounters with Rikki: Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Encounters-Rikki-Hurricane-Katrina-Exceptional/dp/1941758533 

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/26783429-encounters-with-rikki 

It’s as simple as clicking on those links and giving “stars,” or adding comments. If you don’t use the site regularly, they’ll have to verify you’re “real” of course. But we hope that you’ll take just a few minutes TODAY to tell other readers about this book. Booksellers will be looking beginning next Tuesday, Encounters’ official pub date, and your review will make the difference! 

Finally, if you haven’t yet gotten your books “pawtographed,” or need to buy more books, catch us at the signing later today at the Bookshelf in Thomasville or this Saturday at Hearth & Soul in Tallahassee. It’s “drop in,” so not a big time commitment. 

 Hope to see you there!