Julie Strauss Bettinger's latest update for Encounters with Rikki

Dec 30, 2015

To "Encounters with Rikki" fans -

I'm very pleased to share news on Therapy Dog Rikki's work and the upcoming book.

  • There is an article in today's Tallahassee newspaper, which included Rikki's sweet face as a teaser on the front page and covered the entire section of the "family" section. Find a link here: http://on.tdo.com/1QYxfjG

  • Amazon is calling the book The "#1 New Release in Child Advocacy and Family Law."

Our publisher confirmed that books are in the distributor's warehouse, so those of you who pre-ordered can expect them in early January. Booksellers like Amazon, BAM and B&N ship at different times, so please don't get concerned if you hear people receiving them before you do.

We have several opportunities already lined up for getting your copies "pawtographed" by Rikki. Please consider "liking" her Facebook page, so you can stay up to date on the events and opportunities. You can also learn more about her whereabouts via Twitter: @TherapyDogRikki

And, of course, when you receive the book, please let me know what you think!

I remain grateful for the privilege of telling this story...

- Julie Strauss Bettinger