As most of you probably know, anthologies have been banned from all current and future Inkshares contests, so we were not allowed to submit this in the Geek & Sundry contest.

Earth . . . 10,000 will remain open for submissions until we receive enough quality material to fill out the book. This project will definitely be a GO and be successful someday, we just can’t predict when exactly that will happen.

In the meantime, we are supporting our friend @JeynaGrace in the G&S contest. Her entry, The Slave Prince is doing exceedingly well and is currently tied for second place!

We have donated 3 signed, low numbered. 1st edition, collectors copies of Journey, A Short Story in a promotion that Jeyna is running.

Here is a link to that announcement. Please consider supporting Jeyna with a pre-order of TSP!


Kind regards,

Mykl & Rich

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Still haven’t received enough high quality submissions to fill out the book. We will keep the contest open for submissions indefinitely until we reach that goal. Special thanks to everyone who has submitted so far and we are sorry for having to delay the process.
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So how’d it end up? Did you get enough submissions and when can we expect to find out who made the cut?

Since this morning’s update, we’ve had 3 very positive developments!

1. The Geek & Sundry contest announcement was released and all Fantasy genres are invited to participate - so our project qualifies!

2. They extended the length of the contest to a full three months, giving us plenty of time to campaign and to build out the anthology.

3. A few supporters have PM’d us with a GO sign.

We will wait another day to hear from more of you and hopefully launch the campaign tomorrow if the response continues to be in favor of this project moving forward into a contest campaign.


Mykl and Rich

Greetings Earthlings!

Still looking for more submissions to make this a worthwhile anthology!

Also looking for feedback on the following. 

If today’s contest announcement category fits this project, we’re thinking of entering it.

Good idea? / Bad Idea? Would you support it with a pre-order and encourage your followers to do the same?

If each of you who like and support this project (and / or are planning on submitting an entry), could commit to getting ten of your supporters to pre-order it, we could harness our collective strength to make a credible run at winning or placing in the top three.

Winning an Inkshares contest seems to be one of the best ways to generate Inkshares buzz and sell books. Having a big name partner like Nerdist, Geek & Sundry etc to co-promote our work is a huge advantage that most of us can’t generate on our own.

We will leave the contest decision up to all of you! If we see enough enthusiasm, we’ll jump in (if it fits the contest criteria).

Otherwise, we will continue with the original plan and just keep this in the Draft stage for as long as it takes to compile a Great anthology!

Thanks to everyone who has submitted so far, you are all still in the running, please be patient with the process and keep helping us spread the word!


Mykl & Rich


Two late breaking developments!

One is that this project will be part of the Inkshares Draftfest promotion! This promotion runs all next week. Check it out - there are lots of cool prizes that have been donated to help make this a success!

This is great news because it will increase the visibility of our project on Inkshares.

Due to the fact that we are likely to attract new followers and authors who may wish to craft something to submit - we are moving the submission deadline to the end of this summer - August 31.

We already have a few really good subs, but there is lots of room left to fill out the book, so the extra time should help ensure that we reach that critical goal.

In fairness to those of you who may have worked hard to get your subs ready for the original deadline of June 4, we will give those submissions some extra credit in the evaluation process; such that when it comes down to the final few spots and there are entries that are judged to be close calls, the earlier submission will be the tiebreaker.

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Read the comments from the bottom up.
Lots of good info from previous posts.

And you will see the instruction to submit your entry to myklwalsh (at) yahoo.com

Good luck!
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Hey there, I’m super interested in submitting a piece of writing I have done to this Anthology. How would I go about submitting it?
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Perhaps, in the year 10,000, there will be no more prejudice, no more hate.

Here is a small step I took today toward that goal. Perhaps you might consider joining me?

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Great response to last week’s call to action!

We received Five new recommendations and Ten new followers! Thanks for that everyone!

Who else wants to step up and hit the Inkshares "Recommend" button?

Someone PM’d me and suggested that we try and get Gary Whitta to follow the project and possibly even submit an entry. Sounds like a long-shot, but definitely worth a try!

Gary doesn’t follow me, so I can’t direct message him on Inkshares.

Perhaps some of you can and will extend the invitation?

@Gary Whitta 

We can also post the invite on his social media pages. Maybe if enough of us do this, he will be convinced to join the project! It’s nice to be wanted, right?

Here are a couple of his pages:

Twitter @garywhitta 




Enjoy what’s left of your weekend!