Stephen Carignan
Firmly ensconced in the myth of the hierarchy of angels, Dwindling Glory: Entwined is engaging within its fully realized world. The interplay between the angels is character driven, which brings the reader into a completely new world. This is a great addition because it makes a completely new world accessible and interesting.
John Robin, author of Blood Dawn
What I find exciting about these prose is Malkuthe's ability to make an ages-old tale feel fresh and immediate. Right from the opening sentence, where I see the guardian's sword swinging like a clock pendulum, I can visualize what's happening and I'm compelled to read on. This is an exciting new project and I look forward to seeing more and seeing this come together. The book is not funding yet, but I think nonetheless more Inkshares folks should follow this author because I sense from what I read his work has much to promise.
Rebecca Getzinger
I don't know if the idea of making the Devil the good guy and God the bad guy has ever dared been attempted before, but I sense that Malkuthe is going to be successful with what looks to be a great challenge within the literary world by the way he presents the concept within the first chapters. If that alone doesn't win you over, then the use of Angel mythology and characters contained within the story might do the trick.
Joshua Griffith
I'm definitely intrigued and can't wait to see where you take this story.
John Robin
A fantasy story rooted in the Biblical Garden of Eden conflict, the voice is fresh and this story pulled me in right away!
Christopher Lee
Powerfully Imaginative!
Rebecca Getzinger
This looks to be one of the greatest, but best challenge in literature: what if the nature of God and the Devil were reversed, and God was the bad guy this whole time?
Liz Dulzo
An intriguing idea that reminds me of creating the story of my Druid in a D&D game! I want more!