Kacie Davis Idol
Real life events and experiences most of us can definitely relate to at one point or another...LOVE THAT.
Billy O’Keefe
I admire when authors take on a tricky subject and recognize the gravity of doing so.
Stephen Carignan
Gritty and real, Dirt Face is both isolating and engaging at the same time. The author manages to generate such sympathy for the protagonist screwing up his life, with the clear indication that although he is making poor choices, he is intelligent enough to sustain poor choices. While the narrative in the first chapter seems aimless, this is a reflection of how aimless the protagonist is and doesn't detract from the story at all. I look forward to this character's journey.
Bryn Hagan
You have done an amazingly, scarily good job of making this real, so real in fact, that it has to be based on someone's reality.
Kendra Namednil
This is gritty and seems genuine in a fantastic kind of way.  It's definitely not a light read, but I'll hazard that it's a good read.  If drugs, violence and living life in the moment are appealing, or if you've ever been curious about how that kind of life can feel, I'd check out Dirt Face.  
A. White
The realism in this modern day coming of age story is astonishing. It's grime and dirty just as real life. The author doesn't sugarcoat reality.
A. White
Karen Kenyon
If J. D. Salinger and Sylvia Plath got together and producer a prodigy, he could be Charles Moore. The aching, harsh and often unbearable truth of real life is captured with honesty, and without pretense in this moving, character-driven novel.