J. Danielle Dorn's latest update for Devil’s Call

Feb 20, 2017


Quick but exciting update:

Devil’s Call went to the copy editor (the lovely Jessica Gardner) this morning, a mere two months later than we originally thought it would, and the word on the street is I should have her comments in a week or so, assuming there isn’t something terribly wrong lurking in the manuscript somewhere.

The next step after copy editing is proofreading. I will update y’all when that happens.

In the meantime, those of you who have attempted to place orders and been unable to, the site recently went through an overhaul and the order page is functional again.

Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me and this project for as long as you have. A year ago, this thing was 75 pages long and begging for an overhaul. As of this morning, it’s around 200 pages and actually, you know. Looks like a novel. If it weren’t for all of your support, that wouldn’t have happened.

- J.