Peter Ryan's latest update for Destiny Imperfect

Jul 15, 2016

Greetings Destiny -followers,

Well wasn’t that a wild ride!?

First of all, thanks to the whole giant bunch of you for your support over the last 6 weeks. So many people from so many different places rallied behind Destiny to bring it to life. You are very much a part of the fabric of this book! I’m going to thank you all personally when my head stops spinning.

And well done to TMC and the terrific crew of authors behind this excellent anthology. I look forward to diving into this one! 

Also, congrats to In Beta. I didn’t get to know Prescott Harvey that well through the contest, but it would be awesome to do so in the tranquility that follows.

And finally, a huge congratulations to Are You Sure You Want to Quit? Alisa King never did quit and went on to achieve Quill level in 6 weeks - this is amazing! She is an author to support and look out for.

Thanks again everyone! I shall now go and find a bottle of beer ... Jack Trevayne finally has a drinking buddy.

Have a great day!